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Fogal hosiery is renowned across the world for its superb quality and sophisticated legwear of all styles. Fogal tights have been at the top of women’s hosiery wishlists for decades, ever since the brand launched in Switzerland in 1921. Since then, Fogal has been crafting superior quality tights, hold-ups and other luxury legwear that never fails to impress. Here at Luxury-Legs we have handpicked the very best Fogal hosiery styles in a vibrant selection of colours and fashion designs. Whether you’re simply after a brand new pair of Fogal sheer tights or if you’re looking to impress with a pair of chic Fogal hold ups, our latest range of Fogal tights and luxury legwear has a style to suit all occasions and tastes.

Fogal is a hosiery brand of international renown, catering to women all over the world who are looking for luxury, quality tights in a vibrant selection of colours and a wide choice of deniers, all designed to keep your legs satisfied all year round. Fogal’s superior hosiery expertise sits behind over 90 years of innovative design, never failing to impress no matter what the occasion. The Fogal tights collection at Luxury-Legs is extensive, reaching as far as socks and leggings in addition to its classic range of tights.

Who Is Fogal?

Established in 1921, the Fogal hosiery brand began in Switzerland and quickly enjoyed success for producing high quality women’s hosiery. That success has continued over the years, propelling Fogal straight into Hollywood where they produced the hosiery for the film ‘The Great Gatsby’. Once upon a time, Fogal would have women queuing in the shops to get their very own pair of Fogal nylons, and now you too can take some home without the rush and bustle of the shops.

Luxury Fogal Legwear

All Fogal tights and legwear is created using the latest technologies combined with the finest yarns and natural fibres available to provide the most luxuriously comfortable experience. Finishing your outfit off perfectly, Fogal’s selection of tights and hosiery is made using natural fibres including cashmere and silk, and Fogal tights are designed not only to enhance your style through beautiful colours and patterns but by shaping your body through the tummy, hips and legs. Explore our full range of Fogal hosiery including Fogal sheer tights, Fogal hold ups and fashion ankle socks.