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Who are Wolford

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As one of our best selling brands here at Luxury-Legs, we thought it was about time that we celebrated the luxury hosiery empire that is Wolford. Timeless, ever-popular and a real leader in the world of fashion, below we take a look at the history, technology and celebrity following behind the Wolford powerhouse.



Mario Testino for Wolford Fashion 2016

Who Are Wolford?

Focusing on the female silhouette, Austrian brand Wolford has continually connected with fashion, cultural and artistic influences throughout its history. Their distinctive aesthetics have resulted in the production of over six decades worth of designer creations spanning from 1950 to the present, their initial goal to produce women’s stockings from the purest silk and rayon.  Their figure-embracing cuts are crafted using some of the finest workmanship and innovation of design and knitting technology in the industry.

Mario Testino for Wolford Fashion

Wolford Fashion AW16




Innovation & Technology

Wolford aim to inspire customers on an international scale, ensuring that they are continually present on the world’s stages. They are always open to new and innovative creative ideas, taking their innovation further than their designs by investing in the latest knitting technology. This technology has enabled Wolford to become an innovative leader in the reinvention of unique and specialised hosiery products and more.


Pure 10 and 50 Tights

Wolford In The Spotlight

The brand is visually striking, attracting the partnerships of prominent designers and fashion photographers from all over the world. Wolford has had the pleasure of working with renowned photographers to hone the luxurious appeal of their brand, such as Jean Baptiste Mondino, Francis Giacobetti and Helmut Newton, who have each captured the sophisticated essence of Wolford fashion.

Wolford also boast a huge celebrity following, proving a popular choice among the rich and famous whether they’re actresses making appearances on television and film such as Sarah Jessica Parker & Scarlett Johansson, models being photographed at fashion runways such as Kate Moss & Alexa Chung, the formidable fashion editor Anna Wintour, performers taking to the stage such as Lady Gaga & Beyonce, or even royalty making an all important public appearance such as Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Wolford has an international appeal that reaches both the famous and those interested in creating an outfit of the highest taste.

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Wolford at Luxury-Legs

Our Wolford collection here at Luxury-Legs is second to none. We have a fantastic selection of all your Wolford favourites as well as the latest designs for a stylish and fashionable look. Choose from classic Wolford pieces such as tights, stockings, leggings, bodies, tops and underwear for a stylish and elegant finish. Browse our full Wolford collection today.

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