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Wolford – 65 Years of Luxury!

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This year Wolford celebrates their 65th anniversary!

The focus of Wolford since the 50s until now has always been on the female silhouette, to represent timeless elegance and luxury while gently incorporating current trends.

The two iconic pieces launched to mark 65 years, Image Tights and the Image String Body personify to perfection seductive elegance and modern comfort as well as the interplay between opaque and transparent! Perfect for any woman to become her own style icon.

Renowned for its finest craftsmanship, highest quality, impeccable fit as well as offering a unique wearing experience, Wolford has always been a favorite to the stars, fashion designers, and to customers around the world for many years.



Photo by Helmut Newton


The history of Wolford is inextricably linked with the history of fashion. Art, culture and architecture influence the style and taste of every age. Nevertheless, the distinctive aesthetics of Wolford have run like a thread through the company’s history since 1950. What began in Bregenz, Austria, with the foundation of a company to producing stockings for women from pure silk and rayon, has become an internationally expanding fashion label with a broad product portfolio.


Wolford the global brand for luxury, beauty and comfort





































The innovative knitting technology continues to be the focal point of the brand, enabling the company to stand out from the competition. Ever open to creative ideas, Wolford shows how knitting technology can be turned into unique products through its partnerships with prominent designers. The visual representation of the brand is distinctive.


Legs in lace – a Wolford creation exclusively for Chantal Thomas, 1983


La Perla Tights developed & produced by Wolford, 1986


















Exclusive developments for Lanvin by Wolford, 1983


Advertisement from Thierry Mugler featuring Wolford tights, 1985


















Over the past decades, Wolford has also set an industry benchmark in terms of visual aesthetics, remaining faithful to its vision of a sophisticated visual language. Well-known photographers have effectively captured the essence of Wolford fashion, which conveys fashionable elegance, transcending all the product groups. Wolford: now, as in the past, a synonym for quality and luxury on the skin.

Helmut Newton


Helmut Newton stages Wolford with his 1st photo series, 1996


Helmut Newton stages Wolford with his 1st photo series, 1996


Top international fashion photographer Mario Testino gives Wolford a new spirit. His work has been featured globaly in magazines from Vogue to Vanity Fair. As a prortrait photographer he has captured some of the most iconic images of our time, as well as contributing to the succuess of many leading fashion brands through his advertising campaigns.

His images for Wolford evoke the essence of an emotive, self-confident femininity that is sensual and aesthetic whilst being stylish and provocative. They flatter the feminine figure like a second skin while emphasizing the unique beauty and attraction of the modern woman.

Mario Testino 1

Mario Testino for Wolford, 2015

Mario Testino 2

Mario Testino for Wolford, 2015



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