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What to Wear on a Night Out in Winter: Tips & Secrets

winter night out what to wear
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Planning what to wear on a night out is half the fun of going out; let’s face it. We love it. But winter always throws a spanner in the works, doesn’t it? Suddenly there’s an extra element to consider; keeping warm as well as looking great.

A common misconception is that you can’t really do both, but we’re here to bust that myth wide open. Choosing what to wear on a night out in winter is just as easy as it is during the warmer months; it just requires a few little extras to keep the goose pimples and shivering at bay.

Here’s our guide on what to wear on a winter night out, complete with bottoms, tops, secret layers and even skin care tips.


Working from the bottoms upwards is always a sound strategy when planning what to wear on a night out in winter. The bottoms will usually dictate the direction of the rest of the outfit, so start here and use your chosen bottoms as an anchor point for everything else.

This is the part of the outfit that usually causes the most dilemmas. Ladies who love their dresses quite often don’t want to risk clouding the look with a pair of tights, but those winter nights are simply far too chilly to brave it bare-legged.

So what do you do?

You make the tights the stars of the show, that’s what. If you do decide to go for a dress over trousers (more on those later) you need to start with the tights, rather than the dress. Tights and nights out actually go hand-in-hand; you simply haven’t met the right tights yet.

When choosing tights for a night out, you’re looking for something that will show your legs off, not hide them. Remember, you’re not looking for super thermal opaques here, you simply need a light layer to keep that chill off while you’re between venues. We recommend opting for a pair of patterned tights, preferably with a little sparkle for added glam; something a little like the Wolford Night Sparkle Tights.

tights for night out

Find us a more stunning pair of night out tights. We’ll wait.

These beauties, with their silver lurex threading and 3D design, give the legs a shimmering finish that flatters and sculpts every curve. Whether you choose these or opt for fishnets or lace patterned tights for a night out, this little extra element of detail makes the perfect base upon which to build your winter night out. All you have to do next is settle on a dress or skirt that complements the tights and doesn’t compete with the pattern.

Not feeling the tights look for your night out? It’s trousers time.

The right pair of trousers or leggings can be the perfect alternative to a dress and a great pivotal point for any winter night out outfit. Depending on the vibe and theme of your planned evening, you can opt for trousers for more formal events and leggings for the less formal parties and drinks meetups.

And if you’re worried that trousers don’t look special enough for a night out, that’s only because you’re looking at plain trousers. Don’t be afraid to go a little bigger and bolder with your styles; winter is a time for style statements and breaking down those pesky preconceived outfit barriers.

The Wolford Moonlight Trousers, for example. Now here is a style statement, wouldn’t you agree? We’re willing to bet you’ve never seen anything quite like these before, and that’s what makes them so incredible. The transparent tulle leg sections with classic back seam creates a mesmerising hybrid of trousers and seamed stockings, and you get to show off your legs while keeping a light layer of protection against those chilly breezes.

what to wear on a winter night out trousers

If you’re more of a leggings person, you can give this look an extra level of glam simply by opting for the faux leather look. Super chic and bang on trend right now, leather look leggings will keep your legs snug and warm with an added stylish sheen, perfect for parties.

what to wear on a winter night out leggings faux leather

And, even more convenient, leggings are the ideal winter night out pairing for bodysuit tops, which – as it happens – is our next port of call …


Next stop: Tops. Skip this step if you’ve opted for tights and a dress, but if you’ve decided to go down the trousers or leggings route then you’ll need a sleek and winter-ready top to match. Our favourite rescuer when deciding what to wear on a night out in winter is the bodysuit. These have revolutionised the winter night out dress codes, keeping us snug and warm while giving us a flattering shape and a glamorous style.

tops for winter night out

Our particular favourites this season are the Rocket Moon String Body from Wolford and the Ballet Sleeveless Thong Body from Commando. The Rocket Moon body, seen above on the left, is everything you could ever need from a night out top. The long-yet-sheer sleeves keep winter’s chill off the skin while adding to the elegance and sophistication of the look, while the plunging V-neck underlayer creates the party-ready element without being too revealing.

The Ballet Body from Commando, seen on the right, is the perfect middle ground for those who don’t fancy sleeves but still want to feel warm. Yes, your arms are out, but the soft fabric and high neck design will keep your core nice and toasty. That high neck also adds a super chic, slimming effect that works perfectly for a formal evening occasion. Team either of these bodies up with your trousers, skirts or leggings for an instant winter night out outfit with zero fuss.

The Secret Layers

Now you’ve got the visible elements sorted, it’s time to add the hidden finishing touches. A touch of shapewear and luxury underwear can make all the difference to your shape and confidence on a night out; plus they add that little bit of extra layering to keep you nice and warm during the winter months.

We especially love the Thinstincts High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Shorts from Spanx as a great all-rounder for wearing on a winter night out. It’s lightweight and finely woven to keep it absolutely invisible under any clothing, while also smoothing your lower stomach, hips and waist areas for a smooth silhouette.

underwear what to wear on a winter night out

Want something a little less all-covering and a little more sexy? Slip into a Commando Smooth & Sexy Thong instead and wave goodbye to VPL forever. There is such a thing as sexy shapewear after all, and the lace detailing on this stunning thong will make you look as good as you feel while shaping and sculpting your hips and waist. Slip these on under any winter outfit for instant confidence.

The Skincare

Now you’ve decided what to wear on your winter night out, there’s a little time to pamper and prep the rest of your body for the occasion if you so wish. It’s winter, after all, which means a lot of us are battling with dry skin and a distinct lack of a tan. And, while the tan is a personal preference, nobody wants flaky skin on a night out, right?

skincare what to wear winter night out tanning

So let’s get rid of it and step out with beautiful, smooth pins to dance on. All it takes is a little skin polish; the Vita Liberata Super Fine Exfoliating Skin Polish, to be exact. Whether you’re planning on fake tanning or not, this super easy-to-use product will gently buff away any dead skin from your legs, arms and body to leave it soft and positively glowing. Formulated with soothing beeswax, nourishing almond and nutrient-rich walnut, Vita Liberata will soon have your skin looking party-ready.

And if you really fancy a tan? The Vita Liberata skin polishing will have left your skin in prime condition for a super quick 10-minute tan. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry but want to add a touch of summer warmth to your winter look, this tan is shower-ready after just 10 minutes and will give you a natural-looking sun-kissed glow with no risk of colour transfer. Winter, here we come!

Now you know; choosing what to wear on a winter night out needn’t be the struggle it used to be. All you need are the right layers and you’re ready to go!

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