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Wedding Hosiery Guide: Part 3

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Why not go ‘All Nude’?

Nude tights often caused trouble for so many women – no wonder why people stick to one brand and colour for years!

Picking a nude colour that suits you can be trial and error, causing complete frustration. Lighter tones of skin have a million shades to choose from, making it difficult to distinguish any difference. Whereas darker tones have limited colours to choose from, if any! Here at Luxury-Legs we are so proud to have not 1 but 3 luxury ranges of tights that cater for an array of skin tones and colours.

Getting that elegant and flawless look shouldn’t be difficult for anyone, especially when it comes to special occasions such as weddings, we all want to look our best! Therefore I have carefully selected some of our finest nude hosiery, perfect for the summer, looking at stay-ups and tights with sandal toe seams, and even toe-less tights for those peep-toe shoes.

Whatever the query we have it covered!

Fogal All Nude:  Nude look – completely invisible! Ultra sheer, soft 10-den pantyhose in a matte finish. A perfect fit due to the use of double-wrapped spandex in each row. Skin tones for every skin type, from ‘Cream’ to ‘Chocolat’, this range boasts 8 shades to choose from and a useful chart to help you decide on the perfect colour for you! Avaliable in tights and stay-ups.

Gerbe Ethnic Colours: This luxurious yarn creates a “bareleg look” that smooth’s and illuminates all types of complexion: Asian, Black, European, Latin. Ultra Sheer matt 15 Denier tights that appear much finer, hardly noticeable on the leg with an invisible sandal toe.

Falke Shelina 12: Affordable Luxury, these summer-light tights are softly tinted, ultra-transparent, silky-soft, sheer to the waist with invisible toe, all for just £10! These tights will give your legs a subtle summer tone. Avaliable in a variety of skin tones, such as Golden, Powder, Brasil, Sun, Noisette and Coffee.

All of these tights consist of a short catalogue of colours, simple but yet still diverse to suit colours from light to dark.

FOGAL-presents-the-ALL-NUDE-collection-hoch NEW

Fogal – All Nude


Gerbe – Ethnic Colours


Falke Shelina 12 Tights

We are excited to share with you a variety of products catering for the summer season. Perfect for those peep-toe pumps we stock a few different toeless tights. These use a thong functionality, leaving your legs covered but allowing your toes to show, how very clever! A sandel toe is another option to help with summer tights. A sandel toe covers the whole leg and foot like a traditional tight, however the seam is set underneath the toe, meaning no visible seam when in sandals.

Pierre Mantoux ‘Veloutine 0’: These tights are made from the super soft 8 Denier Veloutine yarn with a 5 Denier semi-matt appearance. Very soft and thin, resembling a second skin with a make-up effect. Equipped with an ultra-soft border and reinforced with a waistband. Characteristics are invisible toes with stitching under the toe, perfect for wearing with sandals in the summer months.

Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless: Simply made for summer, the extremely sheer finish ensures that these tights feel especially airy. They are so light they feel like make-up, making legs look smooth and even. They are completely toeless, a clever divider for the big toes ensures that they always sit perfectly.

Gerbe Tong Toeless: Sheer matte 15 denier tights, the appearance being much finer, hardly noticeable on the leg giving a natural summer look. An innovative concept: an open toe with the benefit of a thong separating the big toe.

Collant Veloutine 0- CROPPED edit

Pierre Mantoux ‘Veloutine 0’ Tights


Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless Tights


Gerbe Tong Toeless Tights

Stay-Ups are the perfect summery alternative when you want that flawless look without having to wear that extra layer under your clothes! Hunting for hosiery with functionality but wanting an elegant, sexy look? Look no further!

Falke Shelina : Ultra-transparent stay-up providing your legs with a unique summery softly-tinted natural look. Narrow feminine decorative lace with silicone coating to prevent slipping and toeless technology, what more could you want!

Fogal All Nude : Ultra sheer, soft 10-den stay-ups in a matte finish with an attractive border. A perfect fit due to the use of double-wrapped spandex in each row. Invisible heel with the toe seam positioned at the sole – ideal for sandals. Perfect skin tones for every skin type. The ideal look for warmer days.

Wolford Individual 10 : Shapely for any day of the week: this stay-up with an extraordinarily even look is a must-have for any occasion. It discreetly holds back with its mat transparency and ensures the perfect look – with a hint of elegant sexiness.


Falke Shelina 12 Denier Toeless Stay-Ups

2007 All Nude Stayup

Fogal ‘All Nude’ Stay-Ups

21663_ 0021

Wolford Individual 10 Stay-Ups

I hope this go-to summer survival guide will help with any hosiery problems you may be having. Whatever the outfit or occasion we have it covered! Go all nude with this selection of exquisite hosiery.

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