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The Work From Home Survival Guide

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Your daily routine is looking a little different these days, with more time spent at home, adjusting to no commute and having your whole household under one roof all day every day. Mental and physical health has never been more important and while you may find your days are very different, your workload is probably much the same. Here at Luxury Legs we are embracing the new normal and enjoying a different way of working and living. Here’s our guide on how to make working from home work for you…

#1 Keep a Routine

It’s so easy to think of lockdown as an extension of the weekend or a mandatory summer holiday, but you may also find yourself busier at home than usual if you’re balancing work, house work and home schooling all at the same time. Starting your day at the same time from Monday – Friday will give you that structure you’re used to and also differentiate between working hours and downtime. Make up for the lack of commute and give yourself time to have a coffee and catch up on the news or social media before starting work at 9am. Clocking off at the same time each day is equally important to avoid the feeling that you’re always at work and always working.

#2 Get Dressed

If the thought of putting on jeans is beyond your imagination during lockdown Following the mantra that a tidy room is a tidy mind, we find that getting dressed into something similar to your usual office outfits helps to boost productivity when working from home. The simple routine of doing your hair and make up and putting on something a bit more formal will instantly switch up your mood. Swapping a sweat top for a more formal looking top or blouse will leave you looking the part from the waist up when you log onto Zoom video conferences with your colleagues.

#3 Carve Out Some ‘Me’ Time

We’re all missing those little luxuries which make a big difference in our every day lives, from beauty treatments to gym classes and brunches with friends. Whether it’s before, during or after working hours giving yourself just one hour of ‘me’ time will give you that energy boost you need each day. If you’re working from home it’s essential to give yourself a break in the day for lunch but why not make it a productive time for you too? Turn your bathroom into a spa and try out a new face mask or hair treatment, or why not meet your friends for a virtual coffee. Pretending you’re heading out or going about your regular life is a great way to keep spirits lifted and we even recommend slipping into your favourite jeans and a t-shirt for the occasion. If you don’t fancy wearing classic denim jeans, a pair of jeggings are the perfect way to feel dressed up while keeping comfortable while chilling at home.

#4 Stay Fit and Healthy

Now more than ever it’s so important to get outside and keep moving and with the help of social media and Zoom it’s so easy to get your daily exercise in. The new normal is seeing people embrace all new ways of exercise from the NHS podcast ‘Couch to 5K’ to group pilates classes, and it means that activewear has become the new lockdown uniform. Embrace comfort for every day errands, cleaning and exercise while feeling body confident too. Our collection of leggings has something for everyone, from soft-to-touch cashmere blends from Hanro to sculpting SPANX styles and sculpting active leggings to suit every lockdown activity you may be doing.

#5 Enjoy Your Weekends

It may seem like groundhog day and there is nothing that differentiates Saturday and Sunday from the rest of the week, but now more than ever it’s important to make changes to ensure that you switch off from the working week. Take that time to bond and appreciate your family by doing simple things such as a big Saturday brunch, a long family walk or even creating an in-house Come Dine with Me competition. Spend Sunday afternoons on the couch, in cosy loungewear, watching movies, binging on Netflix or playing board games. If you find yourself burnt out from the working week and balancing everything else around the house then lazy weekends, lie in’s and late nights on the sofa are exactly what you need to refresh yourself for the next week ahead.

How are you adjusting to your new normal? Share any of your working from home and lockdown survival tips below in the comments – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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