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The Ultimate Guide to Sheer Hosiery

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When temperatures soar, hosiery tends to be left by the wayside.  However, there is nothing better than sheer tights and socks to perfect that flawless leg look! Sheer hosiery acts like makeup for legs working to conceal any blemishes or unwanted flaws and can be the perfect go to in the hotter months when Opaque’s are not an option.

Here at Luxury-Legs, we want our customers to look and feel great regardless of the time of year so we have put together this guide to help you embrace a sheerer look.


There is nothing more versatile than a pair of well made, luxurious sheer tights. Buy with confidence as our wide selection will provide you with that extra comfort. Never will you have that feeling of tights falling down as our brands give you more room on the panty section, most have flat seams, gussets and are shaped to your legs rather than the inferior method of knitting tights like a tube with overlocked seams creating a bulky look. Shiny, matte or seamless there is an option for everyone. Kate Middleton is our fashion inspiration when it comes to styling sheer tights. Hardly seen without a pair on, Kate often teams hers with a cool summer dress. Our top pick? Falke Shelina 12 tights, £10 – super-sheer, soft and discreet these tights infuse your legs with a subtle summer glow and with an invisible toe they can be worn with an open shoe. And better still, the Falke Shelina 12 range is available in 7 subtle shades and comes in a variety of options such as hold-ups, knee highs and anklets.


falke shelina

(Credit: InStyle)

Another way to wear sheer tights is in the evening. Beyonce often pairs her fabulous bodywear with sheer glossy tights for a silky smooth, flawless look. It’s rumoured that as a base for her legs, Beyonce loves to wear Wolford’s Luxe 9 tights, £17  and layer with fishnets such as Wolford Twenties Tights, £27 in either Honey or Black! The Wolford Luxe 9 tights have also been designed in a control top style which is amazing to wear under tighter styles of clothing as they shape the tummy, legs and lower half of the body creating a smooth silhouette.

When wearing sheer tights, it is also useful to invest in a pair of Wolford Stop Slipping, £8 which can be placed into any pair of shoes to avoid your feet sliding around.


In the true heights of summer, toeless tights are a great option as they go perfectly with sandals, wedges or flip-flops! Many toeless tights are designed with a divider that slots between the toes so that summer shoes can be kept expertly in place!

Always remember that when choosing the colour of your sheer hosiery, try to match as closely as possible to your natural skin tone as sheer tights should blend seamlessly with your complexion.  Also consider the denier of your tights when choosing what sheer hosiery to purchase. Ultra-Sheer and Sheer tights range from 5 – 20 denier. The denier is the actual weight of the yarn before the knitting process. A lower denier will generally mean a sheerer look; however, some 12 deniers can look sheerer than a 10 denier. For greater durability or to cover blemishes such as varicose veins why not opt for a 20 denier? Many brands such as Wolford, Falke and Fogal provide great colour guides so you can find your perfect shade.


Wolford Colour Wheel


During the warmer months when even tights aren’t an option, sheer stay-ups and stockings will become your best friend! The matte, 10- denier All Nude Stay Ups by Fogal, £25  have a beautiful striped border and make a gorgeous addition to a summer outfit. Stay Ups can be great when you desire nothing around your waistline such as when wearing a fitted dress in a lightweight fabric. These stay-ups are also a favourite as they cater to several different skintones and are available as tights, knee-highs and socks! For the perfect fit,  Madame Fogal recommends it is essential to ‘Place the elastic a hands width from below the top of the tights for a comfortable fit.’ Also size down if possible as a tight grip is essential!


Sheer Socks and Footsies

Last but not least we cannot forget to mention the importance of sheer ankle socks, knee highs and footsies during this time of year. When paired with a bare leg,  sheer socks and footsies are essential items in the summer  as not only do they keep your feet cool but they can be paired with almost any style of shoe. Sheer ankle socks also go perfectly with leggings as the almost invisible cuffs mean that no edges are visible.  Sheer footsies such as the Fogal Ete Footlets, £6.90,  can also be placed over tights to protect the footbed of certains types of hosiery.


Our top styling tip? Channel Dolce and Gabbana S/S 16 and pair the Nude 8 Socks, £9 by Wolford with a court heel for a chic, put-together look.


(Credit: Vogue)

We hope this guide has been helpful in advising you on how to choose the right piece of sheer hosiery! Above all, always remember that sheer hosiery needs to be handled with great care! Luckily, we at Luxury-Legs have curated a few essential items to make sure your tights are well cared for. When putting on and removing it is best to use hosiery gloves as fingernails are after all a tights greatest enemy! It is also a great idea to invest in a special hosiery bag and delicates wash to keep your tights fresh! These are all available to purchase on our site under the Care for your Tights section.



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