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The Top 7 Myths About Hosiery Explained

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Tights have got a pretty bad rep among many women – they claim that they’re a drain on your budget, that they’re uncomfortable to wear, and they ladder five minutes into you wearing them – but is there any truth to those claims?

You might think that we’re a little biased, but as hosiery experts, we know the drawbacks and limitations of tights better than anyone! We also know the great benefits they can offer you, and how many of the ‘facts’ women know about tights are actually simple misconceptions.

Let’s see if we can put your mind to rest about some of the most common myths about tights!

Tights Feel Itchy To Wear
No matter what kind of quality your tights are, if you have an allergy or a sensitivity to the material they’re made from, you’ll find that they’re itchy to wear. If you’ve found wearing tights itchy in the past, make sure that you look carefully at the materials used to make the tights.

If you’re allergic to wool, avoid natural fibre hosiery with a wool base. If your skin is particularly sensitive, make sure that you wash nylon tights, or tights of any kind, thoroughly with a neutral soap to remove anything that may trigger your sensitivity.

Heat may also be a factor in creating that itchy feeling, so also ensure that you’ve chosen the correct denier for the weather outside so you aren’t overheating.

Tights Slip Down All The Time

If you’re finding that your tights are slipping down either from the hips or the legs, there are a couple of things you may need to check. First of all, have you got the right size? A brand new pair of tights shouldn’t slip down, so they’re likely to be too short for you or the waistband is too tight or loose to be able to stay in place easily.

Secondly, if you’ve purchased tights from a budget brand you’ll find that they wear into an almost baggy condition very quickly, which can cause the waist and/or the legs to become badly fitting and slip down your body. We recommend investing in slightly more expensive tights and making sure you choose tights in the correct size to solve this issue in no time!


The Feet of Tights Are Restricting

Wearing a pair of tights shouldn’t feel as though your feet are being bound around the toes. If the foot of the tights feels too short, it’s highly likely that the tights as a whole are too short for you and you should try a size (and therefore length) up.

Uncomfortable feet can also be a symptom of tights that have become a little baggy, too. As the tights expand and you feel the need to pull them up, your toes will start to dig into the feet of the tights which can cause uncomfortable rubbing and even holes in the toe area of the tights. Choosing the correct size of tights for your height will make a huge difference to the overall comfort and longevity of the tights.

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Wear Tights

The biggest myth of them all is that pregnant women shouldn’t wear tights as its unhealthy for the baby. The truth is that pregnant women are perfectly able to wear tights, they have no adverse effects on the health of the mother or baby. However, for your comfort, you may choose to wear maternity tights – some styles even have a support panel for your bump!


Tights Only Suit One Body Type

This simply isn’t true. Tights can be worn by anyone of any weight, height, and even gender. Tights are very adaptive, and you can almost always find a pair of tights in a size to suit you thanks to so many sizing options being available. Whether you’re tall or short, slim or plus size, there will always be a pair of tights to suit your unique shape.

Tights Ladder Easily

We’ve all been there; either you manage to ladder your tights when putting them on, or you’ve snagged them on something while you’re out and about and yet another pair of tights are headed straight for the bin. Unfortunately, ladders and holes are often a risk you have to be willing to take when wearing tights, but not all tights ladder easily.

It tends to be that sheer tights, and especially ultra sheer tights, that are the most susceptible to laddering due to their delicate construction. There are a couple of solutions for this – the first is to be mindful of your situation while wearing the tights. Do your boots have a side zip that could snag when you cross your legs? Are you going to be sitting anywhere with exposed velcro? Are you putting your tights on properly (removing jewellery, not pulling at the fabric)? Can you keep your pets away from your legs? If the above situations are unavoidable, ladder-resist tights and opaque tights are much tougher to damage, but of course not entirely indestructible.

Got a tiny hole in your tights but it’s not yet a ladder? The rumours about hairspray and clear nail polish are true. A tiny dab and you should be able to stop the hole from becoming a ladder while you’re out and about.


Tights Are Expensive

Many people believe that tights are unnecessarily expensive; either you’re spending a fortune replacing tights day after day because they ladder or stretch out of shape, or you’re spending a lot of money on one pair of high-quality tights.

Yes, tights may be expensive for both of those reasons. But if you do buy a few good quality pairs of tights from high-end brands, you will find that they last much, much longer than a pair of low-budget tights, meaning you save money in the long run. You can read our Why Buy Expensive Tights guide to understand more about how this works to help your budget and your style!


Browse our full collection of tights at Luxury-Legs to discover a huge range of different styles that we promise you’ll be satisfied with! Forget the myths and start enjoying tights again today with Luxury-Legs.

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