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The Story of Joe’s Jeans

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The Joe’s Story

Joe’s Jeans were founded in 2001 by Creative Director Joe Dahan. Joe’s redefines everyday style with its inherently LA sensibility and distinctive rock + roll point-of-view.

With an emphasis on offering the perfect fit for everybody, the brand takes a revolutionary approach to denim and sophisticated classics, incorporating the very latest in technology to offer product that is beautiful, innovative, and fits flawlessly.

What sort of woman would wear Joe’s jeans?
The Joe’s woman cannot be defined or placed into an individual genre. She embodies a casual chic lifestyle but her personality does not fit into one specific mould.

Who are your ultimate denim wearers?
David Bowie and Jane Birkin – I find them inspiring, sexy, avant-garde, talented and beautiful.

Are skinny jeans still your strongest selling style?
The Skinny is a wardrobe staple and it continues to be our best seller. The Skinny Ankle – featuring a shorter hem – has become increasingly popular, as has The Straight Ankle. Both are very flattering fits and are ideal for spring and summer because they allow women to showcase their shoes.

Is there a particular muse/inspiration behind each collection?
I’m inspired by different cultures, people and art in any form whether it is music or architecture.

What will we never see in a Joe’s Jeans collection?
Never say never.

How many pairs of jeans do you own?
Quite a few, as one would assume. They are all in monochromatic colours, as is my entire wardrobe – mostly in shades of white, black and grey.

If you weren’t in fashion, what would you be doing?
I’d be a product designer.

Interview from: The Telegraph
Model: Taylor Hill

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