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The SPANX Shapewear Guide

SPANX Shapewear Guide | Luxury Legs
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Looking for shapewear but no idea where to begin? You’ve come to the right place. As long-time stockists (and fans) of SPANX, we pride ourselves in being experts in the brand and finding you unique and easy-to-wear body shaping solutions. Read on to discover all there is to know about the SPANX shapewear collections, and to find the perfect piece for you.

Step 1: Pick a Support Level

SPANX makes shaping solutions easy with their 3 support levels which categorise each collection. Starting from a simple smoothing undergarment which will help to create a flawless silhouette all the way to up to maximum compression, figure-changing pieces, there’s something for everyone to wear to any occasion in the SPANX shapewear collection.

SPANX Shapewear Guide | Luxury Legs

Step 2: Discover the Collections


Support Level: Sculpt. One of the firmest shapewear collections available from SPANX and Luxury Legs, the OnCore collection has the power to hold in, slim and sculpt your body for a smoother and more lifted appearance under any outfit.

Meet the firmest shapewear available from SPANX. The OnCore collection has the power to transform your figure in under 5 minutes while the innovative design leaves you feeling comfortable and squeeze-free all day long. The OnCore collection features fully bonded front panels to give the illusion of a completely flat tummy and edge-bonded side panelling with dramatic slimming capabilities. This is the collection for you if you want to feel held-in, contoured and completely transformed when you wear shapewear. 

Suit Your Fancy: 

Support Level: Smooth. Easy-to-wear under almost any style of top, dress or jumpsuit, the Suit Your Fancy collection creates a flawless finish under your clothes. With multiple styles ranging from full length bodysuits to plunging necklines, there’s something for every special occasion in this collection.

With plunging necklines, backless styles and multiple ways to wear their straps, the SPANX Suit Your Fancy collection has a solution for every outfit in your wardrobe. Rather than targeted shaping areas, this collection helps to smooth all over and can be worn under nearly everything in your wardrobe, from backless gowns to jumpsuits! This is the collection for you if you have a very important date in your diary and don’t want to limit your outfit choices. 


Support Level: Shape. A smooth-all-over finish with added compression panels to create a more sculpted silhouette. The Thinstincts® collection has a range of shapes from boy shorts to bodysuits, all with panelling for targeted lower tummy shaping. The entire collection is lightweight and breathable making them practically invisible under all fabrics. 

The Thinstincts® collection is the ideal range for those looking to specifically target the tummy area. Made from a lightweight, breathable fabric with no-pinch or squeeze to hold you in, you’re guaranteed a smooth, flat stomach every time you wear them. This is one of the most varied collections in terms of style and shapes offering you tank tops, boy shorts and plunge bodysuits so you can wear them with almost everything in your wardrobe. The bread and butter of shapewear, Thinstincts® unique fabric can be worn discreetly under almost anything making it great to wear throughout the summer. 

Power Series: 

Support Level: Shape. Traditional shaping shorts and knickers that guarantee 360-degree support and a super smooth silhouette. The power series is your go-to collection for every day, with shorts and knickers easy to wear under skirts, dresses and trousers they are comfortable, versatile and guarantee body confidence. 

Sculpt your body to create a streamlined, smooth silhouette with the SPANX power series. Made with soft, seamless yarns this collection is almost invisible under clothes and supports from the thighs up. The Higher Power series features high-waisted designs which target the stomach as well as hips, bum and thighs. Inspired by the original SPANX design, these shorts and knickers are lightweight, breathable and will leave you feeling comfortable all day, every wear. This is the collection for those looking to add a little shaping support to every day outfits. 

Step 3: Look Fantastic

Shopping the SPANX shapewear collections has never been easier. With simple solutions to keep you feeling body confident whatever you’re wearing, a range of colour ways to choose from and unique anti-slip technology, SPANX will have you looking and feeling your best all day long. In addition to unique shaping solutions, SPANX also has a wide range of every day underwear and seamless styles which are essentials to every woman’s wardrobe.

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