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The Shapewear Q&A

Luxury Legs Shapewear Q&A
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You asked, we listened and gave our expert opinion. Discover all of the weird, and wonderful, ways our shapewear collections can revolutionise the way you’re dressing. Real life body problems from our customers answered by the experts at Luxury Legs, here are the pieces everyone wants to know about…

Q: I’m a true pear shape, and always seem to look bottom heavy. What shaping underwear will make my bum look a size smaller?

A: While there’s no magic way to change your body shape the SPANX OnCore collectionis by far the most structured shaping underwear we have on site. Try the mid-thigh short or mid-thigh bodysuit to literally lift your bum, sculpt your thighs and leave you feeling more toned and lean from the hips down.

SPANX OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Shorts, £66
SPANX OnCore Shorts, £66

Q: I love to show off my arms, but being a bigger busted lady I’m always left with what looks like back fat. How do I smooth out around my bra line?

A: The trick in shaping your upper body is to reduce the amount of layers you’re wearing and remove the bulk. Yummie’s revolutionary shaping tank and camisole allow you to target the area of your upper body you want to shape. If your back is the worry-area then wearing one of these with both compression panels at the back will hide bra straps as well as removing the dreading spill from your front to your back.

Yummie 6-in-1 Shaping Tank - Luxury Legs
Yummie 6-in-1 Shaping Tank, £65

Q: I always like to wear shapewear on dates but find all of the styles are a bit unsexy. Do you have anything which is in-between lingerie and shapewear?

A: Shapewear isn’t all about functionality, it should also leave you feeling feminine and body confident. Commando’s Sexy and Smooth collection blends sexy lace lingerie with the functionality of shapewear and is the perfect option for date night. The lace trims look great if they peep out of clothing, or allow you to wear bodies and slips on their own if you desire.

Commando Sexy and Smooth Body, £89
Commando Sexy & Smooth Body, £89

Q: I always find shapewear far too constricting and get quite sweaty as they’re so tight. Is there such thing as a pair of knickers that can do the same thing as shaping shorts?

A: In short, shaping shorts will always work harder than a brief to lift and shape from the thigh upwards. SPANX Thinstincts collection is made from a super lightweight fabric that can be worn discreetly under so many fabrics, especially in the summer. If you’re still not wanting to buy a short, we recommend the Commando Classic Control Brief which has a full coverage across the bum as well as helping to smooth out the hips and tummy too.

Commando Classic Control Brief, £44
Commando Classic Control Brief, £44

Q: I’ve got my sisters wedding coming up and have to wear a very slinky bridesmaids dress. I’ve tried slips but they make me feel uncomfortable as I can’t really move or dance when wearing them. What else can I try?

A: When it comes to special occasion evening wear, SPANX Suit Your Fancy collection has something for everyone. Usually, when people are uncomfortable in a slip then a bodysuit will do the trick. Depending on the length and neckline of your dress, you could try the Open Bust Catsuit which can be worn with almost every style of dress and is inspired by the original SPANX shape designed by Sara Blakely herself. If you’re not wearing floor length, a shorts body suit will give you the same range of movement and body confidence.

SPANX Suit Your Fancy Open-Bust Catsuit, £88
SPANX Suit Your Fancy Open-Bust Catsuit, £88

Q: My work dress code is corporate and I spend a lot of time pulling down pencil skirts or worrying about my thighs wobbling in skin tight clothes. What slip is your favourite style?

If rolling and riding up is your biggest concern, SPANX SmartGrip collection is the answer. The half slip will sit above the hips and features the smartgrip technology which eliminates rolls and ensures the slip will stay put. There is also built in compression panels which will give you a little more shaping so you will feel body confident all day long.

SPANX SmartGrip Half Slip, £62
SPANX SmartGrip Half Slip, £62

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Comment below so we can help you find the perfect shapewear piece for you or check out the full collection at

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