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The Denim Guide: How to wear and care for jeans

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Finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy feat, but can give you ultimate body confidence when you do. Denim jeans are a staple in all wardrobes and a key piece for outfitting whether it’s a night out or every day dressing. Once you’ve found your favourite pair of jeans, caring for them will ensure their longevity, meaning you won’t need to search every season for the next pair. Read on to discover how to care for your jeans and keep them in your wardrobe for longer. 

How often should you wash jeans?

You may not know this, but the longer you leave your jeans between washes, the better. The reason behind this is that every time you wash your jeans, there is a slight abrasion on the fabric which leads to wear and tear. Rips and holes in denim will instantly ruin a pair of everyday jeans. Of course, the amount you wash your jean swill depend on how often you wear them and the type of activity you have in them. For more information, look at best-selling brand MACs care guide on their website.

How to wash denim 

When washing jeans and denim clothing, it’s important to treat it like a delicate fabric. Opt for a cold wash or delicate cycle and try to wash them inside out to protect the fibers on the outside of the jeans. You should also avoid putting them in the tumble dryer as this can shrink or fade the fabric. If you own embellished, ripped or hand-dyed jeans always check the label before washing.

How to measure your leg length

A lot of denim brands will offer jeans in a variety of leg lengths. If you’re particularly short or tall, you will already know which of these to look for but if you’re buying a new brand here’s how to measure your own leg for jeans. 

The length of your leg for jeans is based on the inseam, which refers to the inside of your leg from your thigh to your ankle. If you’re measuring on yourself then wear a pair of shoes you’d usually wear with jeans and measure from the top of your thigh to where the shoe meets the trousers. (It will be easier to ask someone to help you with this). Alternatively, you can use a tape measure to work out the length of an existing pair of jeans or trousers. 

What to look for when trying on jeans

Finding a pair of jeans that fit well, flatter your figure and are comfortable can be tricky, but not impossible. We always recommend trying a pair on or even buying a few to try if you’re in between sizes. Check out our returns policy to see how easy it is to return the jeans that aren’t the right fit for you. Here are the three main things to look for when trying on jeans to ensure they complement your body shape;

  1. Length: If jeans are too long, they will sag, bag or wrinkle around your shoes. If jeans are too short they will stunt your legs. The length of jeans that suit you will depend on your body shape and personal preference of style, so make sure to try your new pair on with different styles of shoes to ensure they complement your legs. 
  2. Waist: Again, this will depend on your body shape but it’s important to choose a waist that elongates the body and fits comfortably. Most women like to have a mid-rise or high-waisted style for extra support around the tummy area. This style will also make it easier to wear your jeans with different styles of tops without having your midriff showing. 
  3. Slim Fit: Generally speaking, a slim or skinny jean is the most universally flattering style for women. It will give shape to your legs and waist where a bootcut may not offer. This will depend what occasion you’re buying jeans for. You can always try a flare or wide leg for a more dramatic, trend-led look if you’re buying jeans for a special occasion or evening outfit. 

How to wear high-waisted jeans 

High-waisted jeans can give the illusion of long, lean legs as well as a taller overall figure. High-waisted jeans and trousers are all about playing with proportions, too much fabric up top will make you look top heavy whereas a more fitted style will show off your waistline. When styling them, we recommend trying a top tucked in or a bodysuit that will show off your figure rather than trying to hide it. 

How to wear bootcut jeans 

A classic style which is making a comeback for this season, bootcut jeans are ideal for more casual looks. A more flared look than the skinny, these look great with chunky trainers or, as the name suggests, boots. Their looser fit at the bottom of the leg makes them great for sporting more boho looks, with a flowy blouse and cowboy boot or you can try for a high heel and fitted camisole for smarter outfits. When wearing bootcut jeans for every day, look to plain tees and white trainers for a classic denim feel. 

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