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The Complete Shapewear Guide: How to Feel Good

The Ultimate Shapewear Guide | Luxury Legs
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It’s important to look and feel your best wherever you’re headed. From everyday shaping knickers and thongs to unique styles for stylish gowns and jumpsuits, shapewear has become an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Investing in the right shapewear can be a daunting experience – you want to look effortlessly toned without feeling uncomfortable. Read on for the ultimate shapewear guide before you browse and shop our shapewear collection.  

What Does Shapewear Do? 

Good shapewear should streamline your silhouette rather than conceal it. If your worry area is your tummy then hold-in knickers should leave your looking flatter and firmer not alter your body shape. Shapewear can also create a seam free look when wearing fitted or clingy fabrics. Good shapewear will eliminate lumps and bumps in order to give you complete confidence in any outfit.

SPANX Higher Power Panties, £33

How Tight Should Shapewear Be?

Shapewear is available to buy in a selection of compressions. How firm or tight you wear your shapewear is dependent on what you’re wearing. You should always buy shapewear in your exact size to avoid bulges forming and ensure complete comfort.

If you’re looking for high-compression shapewear, SPANX Oncore collection has the highest shaping power of all the shapewear at Luxury Legs. For more every day pieces, we recommend buying Selected by Luxury Legs. This collection offers lighter weight fabrics that can be worn under practically anything. Brands such as Commando and Yummie also sell shaping camisoles and slips which can be layered under your clothing for an easy-to-wear shaping solution.

Selected by Luxury Legs Shaping Camisole, £30

How to Stop Shapewear from Rolling Down

If your shapewear doesn’t fit properly, it may roll down or up and leave you constantly adjusting your underwear. For ultimate body confidence, we recommend taking your usual size and investing in a trusted brand that uses high-quality materials. With the right stretch and recovery, you will be able to continue to wear it again and again without it losing its shaping power. 

If you are buying shapewear specifically for an occasion, we recommend trying on the shapewear with your outfit to ensure the perfect fit. SPANX and Selected by Luxury Legs have a huge array of niche pieces to be worn under any type of clothing. From arm shapers to low backs and high slits on one side of the leg, there’s something for every outfit in your wardrobe.

Selected by Luxury Legs Seamless Arm Shaper, £36

How to Hide Underwear Lines 

Shapewear should be worn as an undergarment not alongside it. By wearing knickers with shaping shorts or a bra with a body, you may find you get visible lines – which you’re trying to avoid. With so many compressions to choose from, it’s essential that you look at each fabric to know whether it will show under your clothes or not. For example, higher compressions are made from a thicker fabric so may not be the best choice under silky dresses. 

Selected by Luxury Legs Low Back Body, £99

Discover the complete collection of shapewear at Luxury Legs for hundreds of styles to flatter your figure and streamline your silhouette. 

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