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The Benefits of Body Brushing

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For those of you that may not have heard of body brushing before; Let’s talk about what it is and why it’s become so popular. Body brushing is a technique that involves brushing your skin (usually before a shower) in its dry natural state with a scratchy brush. Although it doesn’t sound so luxurious, any up to date modern day spa will offer a version of dry body brushing.

So why would anyone brush their body? Professionals and Enthusiasts swear by this technique and its benefits. Benefits include smooth skin, great exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and reduced cellulite.

Smooth Skin/ Exfoliation

Brushing the skin with a dry brush immediately benefits the skin exteriors by removing the dead skin cells (dry skin). Your skin will feel softer and smoother right away after brushing.

Lymphatic Drainage

A big part of the body’s immune system is the Lymphatic system. Made from lymph nodes, organs, ducts, and vessels. Many of which run just below and close to the skin. Brushing the skin stimulates the normal lymph flow and helps the body naturally detoxify itself.

Reduce Cellulite

The aftermath of eliminating such toxins within the body, and under the skin, means that the lumps and bumps on the skin that form into cellulite have a reduced appearance. This is because the technique removes toxins that break down connective tissue, giving the skin an uneven appearance

How to body brush

A great tip for body brushing is to do it in the morning rather than in the evening as it gives a natural energy boost. Probably because it increases circulation and gets your blood and oxygen flowing. This should also be done before showering, hence needing to be dry, as it exfoliates the skin, it leaves you more hydrated after you moisturise as it’s a more direct application.

Starting at the feet, work your way up brushing towards the heart. As you reach your stomach, brush in a clockwise circular motion. Continue along the body, still brushing towards the heart, as you reach the more sensitive areas, back of the neck, abdomen and armpits use a lighter brush if possible, if not then use less force in these areas.

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