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The Beauty Edit

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The Beauty Edit

Here at Luxury Legs we’ve been talking to the gurus behind 2 of the most powerful beauty brands looking after your legs this Spring/Summer.

Meet Kate Shapland from Legology.


  • How did you get into beauty?

Wellbeing and beauty guru Leslie Kenton, health & beauty director of Harpers Bazaar – where I was working in my early twenties – asked me to do a review of a health spa, and I never looked back.  I was working in the fashion department at the time as assistant to the fashion editor and I absolutely hated it.  Not only did she rename me (apparently there were too many Kate’s in the department at the time), but I was a useless PA too. After Harpers I was lucky enough to have a long career in beauty writing for all the best glossies and national newspapers, and finally with a weekly column for 14 years on the Telegraph, which I loved.


  • What is Legology? Why legs?

I’ve been fascinated by leg beauty and health for as long as I can remember.  Personally I’ve had cellulite and fluid retention for most of my adult life, and I felt that the market for products that would help with these issues (which are intrinsically linked) was pretty poor.  It was full of products that promised the earth and looked pretty but did nothing.  A few products did something but looked terrible and felt awful to use.  I was in a great place as a beauty editor to try everything and realised that to be truly effective leg care products had to be effective at reducing fluid retention and bloat – ultimately this is what cellulite is because the fat cells are distorted by fluid retention.


  • Why is looking after your legs such a hot topic at the moment?

Because Legology has made it a hot topic!  And because we all love shoes and more of us are baring our legs 365 days of the year.  My brand has taken ownership of this part of the body because we have changed the focus.  Leg care is not just about cellulite – there are many issues, including fluid retention and heaviness, varicose veins, stretch markets, slack skin and dehydration.  Legology addresses them all in an effective and charming way.


  • Which Legology product is your favourite? Why?

Obviously I love all of our products and developing them has been a true labour of love.  But if I was to choose one over the others it would be my hero Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs.  It took me four years to develop this from scratch with an independent French chemist, and it was one of the most heartbreaking and fulfilling journeys I’ve ever had.

  • How is it different from the existing offering on the market/from other brands?

First up, Legology is not just about cellulite.  My brand looks after other issues too as I mention above.  Legology doesn’t make rubbish promises.  The only thing we promise is that you will feel better from your feet up if you use the products.  And for many of our customers this is enough because when your legs feel heavy and draggy it can make you feel weary and negative.  A lot of women who suffer with lymphedema, the condition that causes chronic swelling in legs and arms, use our products, as do frequent flyers who find their lower legs and feet swell on long haul journeys.  The main thing about Legology is that it has a certain charm – it doesn’t shout at you about not being perfect – and it’s a joyful product to have in your life.  People love the citrus scent because it reminds them of holidays, and it’s uplifting.  This is important because it encourages people to use the products frequently, and frequency in beauty brings results.


  • What is in store for Legology, new developments?

We are developing new products and new salon treatments.  I can’t say much more at the moment but we plan to bring our customers 360 degree help for their legs, and that includes nutrition and fitness support too.


  • What is your exercise routine, how do you get into shape for the Summer?

I have a Fitbit and two dogs and I walk everywhere.  I do more of this now than I ever have before because I’m at an age where it matters to keep moving.  I try to drink plenty of water and I rarely eat white carbohydrates.  My grandmother called rice, potatoes and bread ‘unnecessary timber’ – she was right!


  • What does it mean to be a feminist today?

I’m not sure I believe in rules for genders.  Life is too random to stick to a criteria beyond being a decent human being, and that’s about being empathetic, kind, thoughtful, sensitive and tolerant.  And I don’t think you need people to remind you to be these things – all of it should come naturally, surely?


  • What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from it?

Relying on others to realise my own dreams.  You have to do it yourself.


  • Tell us about your proudest achievement?

Probably just keeping the show on the road despite all the drawbacks.


  • Best product ever?

Legology Air-Lite.  I made the product I couldn’t find.


  • Last words?

Be open, be interested, keep learning, keep smiling.


Meet Alyson Hogg from Vita Liberata.

We spoke to Alyson Hogg about the best tanning tips for using Vita Liberata.


Find out how to apply self tan for the most natural-looking result with our easy to follow, expert tanning tips.


Start by tanning your arms, then, using only what is left on the mitt to tan the back of the hand and then the top of each finger in turn, taking care to avoid the nail bed and cuticles. For a perfect finish wipe knuckles with a very slightly damp cloth to avoid these areas looking too dark.


For perfect ‘beach feet’, apply your tan to the tops of your feet blending halfway down the sides. Then wipe away any tan lines with a dry cloth to give a totally natural finish. Always work away from the nail bed, back up the foot and blend at the ankle.


Use the tanning mitt to tan hard-to-reach places, or get a friend to help with the top of your back. For your lower back turn the mitt around to allow for an easier angle when applying.


Mix a pump of moisturiser with your tan before applying to face and neck blending down to the décolletage. Wipe upper lip and eyebrows with a dry towel to ensure they are not over tanned.


Start at the front of the ankle and apply in large elongated circular movements. Ensure you tan the back of the leg as well as the front! When blending around the ankle avoid the very toughest skin, ensuring that you have blended where the leg meets the ankle. Wipe any excess tan from knees and ankles for a natural finish.


Starting at the shoulder, tan your arm, the edge of your shoulder, and as far around the back of your shoulder as you can reach. Tan the rest of the arm using approximately 5-10ml of product at a time, blending around the wrist to avoid the heel of the hand.


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