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Wearing Artwork and Masterpieces

To all the art lovers in the world, the 21st Century is bringing a gift to indulge your passion. Now showing off your favourite artworks can be done easily and in style. These great pieces have been transformed into stylish dresses, shirts and even socks. We’re excited to say that we now stock the brand HOTSOX! There are many ways to make a statement by showing off your art passion and to display your adoration for the classics.


Leonardo Da Vinci

One of Da Vinci classic works is the ‘Last Supper’ and what better way to display this iconic art piece than in this elegant sock. This painting has been featured in books, television, films and now, fashion.

We at luxury legs have one of his famous paintings in the form of these quirky socks. The ‘Mona Lisa’ and her subtle smile can be displayed with a splash of colour with these original HOTSOX designs. This iconic painting is recognisable, even with these crazy, lively colours.

Gustav Klimt

This 18th Century painter uses vibrant colours and stunned the world with his painting, ‘The Kiss’. These funky socks are a part of the HOTSOX Artist Series, which are can be found in Luxury-Legs’ Ankle Sock section, have put an original twist on a classic piece while keeping to Klimt’s style.


Sandro Botticelli

This groundbreaking 1400s painting of the Roman Goddess has turned heads worldwide.

These statement socks can be the ultimate accessories of any fan of the Renaissance period. The HOTSOX allows an art enthusiasts to be bold or refined in displaying their favourite piece and ‘The Birth of Venus’ is no exception.

Claude Monet

Monet’s famous Water Lilies series has been an inspiration to other Impressionist artists and fashion. This graceful and quite modest mid-length skirt, found on Etsy, displays one of Monet Water Lilies series. The gentle painting gives a sophisticated touch to anyone’s wardrobe.

The HOTSOX also chose to do one of Monet’s oil paintings. By keeping in touch with Monet’s delicate brush stroke details and cool colours, a Monet fan can be confident and comfortable in these socks.

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