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Sustainability: The Future of Fashion

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A buzz word in the fashion industry right now, being eco-friendly and sustainable has become a huge focus of many brands. At Luxury Legs we offer an array of brands who all have their own unique stance towards sustainability and are constantly striving towards creating an eco-friendlier world of fashion. Investing in these brands means you won’t just look good, but you can feel good while shopping and you’re helping to protect our planet – win, win. Read on to discover some of our favourite sustainable collections available to shop now. 

Wolford Aurora Collection 

Wolford Aurora Leggings, £140

In 2018 world-renowned hosiery brand, Wolford created their own sustainable collection which combines classic, sleek silhouettes with eco-friendly fabrics. The entire Aurora collection is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ meaning it is an exemplary product in making a positive impact on the planet. What’s unique about the Aurora collection is that all of the components in the fabric are completely biodegradable. Wolford asks that all of the Aurora collection, once they’re reached the end of their lifespan in your wardrobe, are brought back to store where they can break up the components for recycling. The clothes themselves will be composted into biogas and used to fuel factories while the yarn is reused to create another Aurora collection. From sleeveless tank tops and polo necks to fitted dresses and leggings, you can expect all the premium quality of a Wolford product with an eco-friendly twist. 

Sarah Borghi Green Collection 

Bio Green 40 Denier Tights, £27

After 40 years in the hosiery industry, Sarah Borghi launched their Green Collection including the world’s first fully biodegradable tights. Designed with the yarn developer ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei, the Green Collection features a polyamide yarn (AMNI® SOUL ECO) which can fully degrade in a landfill after 5 years. Innovative, comfortable and classically elegant, the collection focused on delivering a premium product to a new-era responsible customer base. Certified a Gold Level Material Health Certificate by Cradle-to-Cradle Product Innovation Institute, Sarah Borghi’s Green Collection is a must for any eco-conscious customers investing in hosiery for now and the future. The Green collection is made up of classic tights in an array of deniers, ankle socks as well as organic cotton and cashmere blends for colder months. 

MAC Protect our Planet Campaign 

MAC Dream Jeans are a best-seller at Luxury Legs year after year. Available in so many shades and fits there is a pair for every woman and every occasion. It’s no secret that denim is one of the most unsustainable fabrics to manufacture due to the amount of water needed in the process. To combat this issue, MAC created their Protect our Planet campaign which enables the brand to mass produce jeans using a significantly lower amount of water than traditional methods. In addition to this, they also filter and dispose of the water used which contains chemicals and toxins which cause pollution. MACs aim and ethos as a brand is to completely eliminate the production techniques which are harmful to the planet. Thanks to this determination you can rest assured that when you invest in a pair of their jeans you are investing in the future. 


FALKE have been producing sustainable cotton-based products for over 30 years now. Every inch of the process, and the impact on the environment, has been carefully considered and curated to ensure that there is minimal damage caused. In addition to air pollution, being a huge producer of wool-based products, animal welfare is a huge part of the brands social responsibility. FALKE will not use any wool which has been sheared through harmful or painful techniques and they are compliant with IWTO Guideline for sheep welfare and Mulesing-free as well as certified by CaregoraTM for the production of Angora wool. Their collections which feature bright, bold colours in both their cotton and wool-blend products, which are created using Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) processes rather than more traditional methods that use a lot of water and chemical waste. 

We know how important sustainability is to our customers, it’s as important to us to. As well as investing in these brands to deliver an eco-friendly fashion collection for our customers, we are always looking for new brands using innovative and sustainable methods. When you shop with Luxury Legs you are shopping with a fashion-conscience to improve the world we live in for now and future generations. 

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