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Support VS Control Top Tights

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Support Tights

Support tights are the ultimate hosiery drawer investment for happy and healthy legs. Here at Luxury-Legs we don’t believe in compromises, so we’ve handpicked the finest selection of compression tights and support hosiery that will give your legs the lift they need while keeping you looking effortlessly stylish and sleek. Our latest collection of support tights features a wide range of essential skin tones, shades and deniers to suit any and every occasion, all crafted with high quality fabrics that gently compress the legs, encourage healthy blood flow and keep your legs ache-free all day long. What’s more, many of our luxury support tights also double up as body shaping tights, giving you that extra confidence boost where you need it most.

(Power Shape 50, Spanx Firm Believer, Wolford Miss W)

Control Top Tights

Control top tights combine the best elements of hosiery and shapewear in one comfortable pair. Featuring reinforced thigh and waist sections, our control top tights will help smooth and firm your silhouette for increased comfort and body confidence. Choose from a range of designs, colours and deniers, plus a variety of different control focuses from high-waisted and tummy control top tights with firm support to a selection of light-support, sheer tights. At Luxury-Legs we settle for nothing but the best, which is why all of our control tights are carefully handpicked from the finest luxury hosiery brands in the world, including Wolford and Commando.

(Spanx Firm Believer Sheer Tights)


The main difference you will find between the control top and support tights is the location of the compression. Support tights tend to have compression throughout the entire length of the tights. On the other hand, the compression that Control Top Tights have, tend to focus only on the top half of the tights, mainly focusing on your stomach area, sometimes flowing through to the thighs.

Which is right for you?

To find out which style of compression tights are best for you, firstly you must decide why you want compression tights and what for. If for health reasons, including vein problems in your legs, then support tights will be more suitable for your needs. This is because the support needed to increase circulation starts from the very bottom of the legs at the ankle, this promotes healthy circulation of blood back up to the heart, whereas control top tights would not have this ankle compression.

If the reason you’re looking for some compression in your tights is for the shaping benefits, then the next step is to consider exactly which part of your legs you would like to shape. If you have insecurities about your stomach, or if there’s a dress you would like to wear and would like to be smooth underneath, then control top tights are the right pick for you. If you really think you need as much shaping as possible and would like the full leg then go for the support tights!

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