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Is it ok to wear tights in summer?

There are many reasons why you might consider wearing tights this summer. Tights in summer are the perfect solution!

Sheer tights are a quick fix to any imperfections your legs may have. Varicose veins, blotchy or an uneven skin tone can easily disappear under the perfect pair of tights.

If you’ve been wearing trousers and jeans all AW season, (without a 2-week vacation in Mexico!) you may find yourself now falling victim to the dreaded post-winter leg complexion. A pair of summer tights will give you the perfect tan without the tan! Picking a shade to match your desired leg tone is easy; simply scroll down for our advice on how to pick the perfect colour match for you.

Starting out early or staying out late on a summer’s day? These times of the day are when you can appreciate that extra layer to protect from the chill. without compromising on the perfect summer outfit!

What tights should I be wearing in summer?

This depends totally on what you want them to do for you!

If you’re looking for some light protection against the elements, then you want to start with picking your denier. Denier represents the weight of the yarn used to make your tights. Choosing tights with a lower denier will mean a sheer, soft and silky pair of tights, whereas the higher you go, the thicker and more sturdy your tights will be.

If it’s support you’re looking for; this can be split into 2 sections.

Control Top; these smooth and firm your silhouette for increased comfort and body confidence

Support Tights; these are crafted with high-quality fibres that tenderly compress the legs, whilst encouraging healthy blood flow and keep your legs ache-free all day long. What’s more, many of our luxury support tights also double up as body shaping tights, giving you that extra confidence boost where you need it most

The good news? All of these styles come in natural skin tone shades! (even the ones with a higher denier) Meaning no compromise on your summer dress outfit.

How to find the perfect colour tights to match your skin tone 

We all saw Meghan Markle’s first attempt at hosiery. Although the colour of her tights was in line with her outfit, they weren’t in line with her natural skin tone, and this is the key factor that you want to keep in mind while selecting your shade.

You have Fair Skin
If you have a paler complexion, the best way to find the best match is to find the palest of the nude selection, if you want to go for the sunkissed look then a golden shade will enhance your tone. Be wary not to go for a shade too brown for your legs as this will look outdated.
You have Tanned Skin
If you want to add some golden glamour to your tan, choose your hosiery with brown undertones, but be careful not to go overboard with selecting the darkest shade as this can become very overpowering and result in tour legs a separate colour to the rest of you.
You have Olive Skin
Watch out for shades that are too pale for your natural glow. This runs the risk of your legs looking washed out and unnatural. If in doubt, choose the darker shade!
You have Dark Skin
If you have a dark complexion, it is best to match your hosiery to your shade or darker. Going for anything lighter will have a very unnatural finish. Gloss, shimmer and shine will look great for this skin tone, adding vibrancy and that glow that we’re all looking for!

We’ve selected plenty of brands that offer a wide range of shades, ensuring your perfect colour match! Wolford has a large variety of shades, including a mix of styles, denier, and support features. Falke’s Shelina range includes 7 shades over a mix of styles. Fogal also has a generous band of nude hosiery. The newest to our collection is Spanx’s Firm Believer tights, a brand new innovation, using real women in the Spanx headquatrers as a guide for the perfect colour match.


If you like the look of tights but don’t want the full package. A great alternative for tights in summer is a pair of Hold-Ups or Stockings.

Alternatively, a pair of Capri leggings are a great piece for those days when you need a little extra coverage – a summer piece for a light, trendy outfit.

Fancy full length? The perfect summer trousers are here! Light linen and summer tones with a chic finish.

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