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Summer Tights for Work

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Summer is here! Along with the warm weather and the challenge of what to wear to work? If you’re transitioning your work attire from cold and chilly to warm summer office days, then this is the guide for you!

Whether you have a uniform that requires hosiery, a professional dress code that smart hosiery just fits, or you just love tights! We’re going to sieve through your options and find the right choice for you!

MM Wearing Commando Tights

Should I wear tights to work in summer?

Whether you’re considering wearing tights to work for comfort or confidence, there are many advantages to wearing summer tights for work.

Firstly, your appearance. Good hosiery is purposefully designed to offer a sophisticated style, polishing off the look of any outfit.

The finishing touch that bare legs just don’t offer. Hosiery smoothes the appearance of your legs, covering blemishes, scars, hair, veins and uneven skin tones. Leaving you with a look of perfection.

But what can tights offer me in warm weather you ask? Wearing hosiery in summer can prevent chafing, which is caused by the friction of bare skin, particularly in the thigh region. Hosiery can also prevent blisters from the friction between your foot and shoe.

The Duchess of Cambridge wears leg-lengthening nude tights in Manchester last week. 

What kind of Hosiery should I wear to Work?

So if you’ve now decided on wearing hosiery to work – let’s find the right pair for you!


Let’s start with what kind of hosiery; There are plenty of options to choose from outside the common ‘sheer and opaque’.

Many people are put off wearing hosiery as they don’t want to feel restricted. Wearing a pair of tights that are slightly too small for you can ruin your whole day, this can easily happen if you’re tall and haven’t found the perfect fit yet. The restriction that some of you may know, along with the 2 inches of chafe at the top of your legs when you don’t have the right fit is easily avoidable. The best of both worlds, meaning your legs are completely free to move as they wish, and your skin also gets the great coverage that hosiery has to offer. Introducing: Stockings or Hold-Ups. Stockings and Hold-Ups are also an advantage when it comes to hot weather as they are cooler to wear.

Wolford Naked 8 Stay-Ups

(Top Tip: Natural fibres like silk can lessen the chance of body odour by absorbing sweat and reducting perspiration)


During summer the lighter the denier the better. This means a light weight pair of tights. Ideal denier is between 8 – 15 for ultra-sheer, barely-there hosiery. Although, you can still have a sheer pair of tights with a slightly higher denier, which may be ideal for you if you’re very prone to laddering your tights. Avoid the highest deniers and opaque tights, unless you work somewhere that you know will be cold.


Nude tights in summer are perfect, as mentioned before, to smooth the appearance of your legs to give the illusion of the perfect pair of pins. Like foundation for your legs. Be mindful when picking a pair of nude tights that you find your exact skin tone, or slightly darker. Never get paler than your skin tone as this will leaving you looking washed out. Preferably go for a matte finish for a natural look.

Although nude tights can go with almost everything, coloured tights can work well too. Stick to the same theme of tones throughout your whole outfit and avoid stripes, zigzags or any other wild print.

filtered photography of woman wearing fishnet leggings

What can I look for in a pair of tights?

Control Top

Choosing a pair of tights with a control top means smoothing out your middle, adding that extra layer in-between your skin and your clothes. Perfect for tight clothes that may show parts of your stomach, a control top smoothes unnecessary bumps.

Support Tights

Similar to the above, support tights add an extra layer of protection between your skin and your clothes. Smoothing your silhouette not only around your stomach but along your legs too.

Sandal Toe, Open Toe & Reinforced Toe

This all depends on what shoes you intend on wearing. If you plan on wearing opened toed shoes or sandals then the first two will be a great pick for you, giving you a natural, seamless look.

If you know you won’t be wearing sandals then a reinforced toe is a good idea for an extra bit of protection.

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