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Summer shapewear: our top picks to leave you looking and feeling great

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Summer shapewear at Luxury Legs

With temperatures on the rise, this summer is shaping up to be a scorcher. See what we did there? As the longer days and warmer nights approach, we know that high-quality, reliable shapewear is vital to feeling your best, most comfortable and, importantly, most confident self.

Within this blog, we will talk you through our top summer shapewear picks, from the best shorts to avoid the dreaded summer chafe to activewear that will make you feel great even before the post-workout buzz.


Anti-chafing shapewear picks

Chafing is a common yet largely inconvenient occurrence, often worsened by factors like hot weather. It happens when our skin rubs together or against clothing that sits just in the wrong place. Summer heat can lead to more moisture and friction, especially on the thighs and upper legs. Therefore, anti-chafing shapewear is a must during the summertime.

Spanx Power Short

First up is Spanx’s answer to the woes of chafing, their Power Short. Recently re-formulated to provide even more comfort, the shorts are lightweight, centre seam-free and purposefully made with soft yarns.

Available online at Luxury Legs, the Power Short comes in three colours: nude, cafe au lait and black, meaning there’s an option for everyone. The colour variation is also handy as you can match your shapewear to the rest of your clothing.

These anti-chafing shorts are perfect for dresses, skirts and trousers, as they provide a smooth barrier between your thighs. Leaving your legs to glide effortlessly as you strut your stuff this summer, they also feature a secure yet comfortable waistband designed to stay in place all day long.

Black Power Short by Spanx

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Selected by Luxury-Legs The Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Our last anti-chafing pick comes from our exclusive selected by Luxury Legs collection. The stunning shapewear piece offers discreet but firm support through its plunge and low-back design. Combined, these enable you to comfortably wear the bodysuit under clothing that is low-cut, or even backless, which we know are very popular choices in the summertime, without the worry of straps or fabric being visible. 

The bodysuit comes to the mid-thigh point, offering protection from chafing and discomfort by providing a smooth barrier between each leg. Simultaneously, this part of the piece shapes your hips to enhance your beautiful silhouette, and the best part – no VPL! 

A dreamy versatile bodysuit, the straps are also fully detachable. Remember that strapless dress in your wardrobe that you’ve wanted to wear for a while? Well now you can with the added peace of mind that your shapewear will comfortably hug you in all the right places.

Plunge Low-Back Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Selected by Luxury Legs

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Activewear summer essentials

As well as the gym sessions and at-home workouts, summer brings endless opportunities for outdoor exercise. For example, running without the confinements that a treadmill can bring, outdoor fitness classes and classic summer walks. With this in mind, comfort is key, as warmer weather means sweat and moisture are likely to rear their heads more frequently than in other seasons.

Topissima Olivia Short Black Jumpsuit

Enter the stunning Olivia Short Black Jumpsuit from Topissima. This garment is so versatile it is ideal for your morning yoga session yet equally at home for that evening stroll you have planned with the girls.

The jumpsuit not only looks good but does good too. Topissima is an environmentally-aware brand that consciously tries to reduce its effect on the planet. The Olivia Short Black Jumpsuit is made using recycled materials that equate to 21 plastic bottles!

Other notable features are the removable pads, meaning you control how the jumpsuit fits the top half of your body. One day you might appreciate extra support and coverage, perhaps if you have an intense workout ahead. While on other occasions, you might feel more comfortable without.

Topissima Olivia Short Black Jumpsuit

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The Lena Seamless Rib Active Leggings by Dear Denier

At Luxury Legs, we appreciate that some people prefer more coverage with their summer shapewear. If this sounds like you, a legging could be your new favourite piece! Not just any legging, of course, as this pair from Dear Denier is anything short of ordinary.

The Lean Seamless Rib Active Leggings are made from recycled fabric and designed specifically for workouts and to hug your lower body in all the right places. With their snug fit, they prioritise comfort with their flexible fabrics, meaning you’re set to move as freely as you like to hit that new PB!

They are available in both black and a gorgeous ‘woodland olive’ and would make a trusty companion for any summer exercise you have planned.

Lena Seamless Rib Active Leggings by Dear Denier

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Summer dress shapewear 101

With sundresses, the options are endless. Maxi, midi and mini, to name a few. We know everyone has their preference when it comes to their summer attire. One universal thing, however, is everybody should be able to feel comfortable and confident in whatever they choose to rock this summer.

Regarding dresses, everyone has areas of the body that they want to focus on and give some extra support to through shapewear. We have picked out a couple of beautiful options from our collection designed to target specific areas whilst providing all-around support and comfort.

Commando Two-Faced Control Half Slip

The first option is a gorgeous slip from Commando, available in nude and black. This garment is ideal for anyone looking for extra waist and tummy support, as its double-faced cotton and microfibre make-up supplies it with smoothing properties to leave you feeling ‘smoothed, not stuffed’. 

As the piece is a half slip, it is perfect for wearing with dresses and skirts that are shorter as its shape mimics them. As it leaves your lower legs free to dance the night away, it’s sure to be a go-to during periods of warmer weather.

Commando Two-Faced Control half Slip

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Selected by Luxury-Legs Open Bust Shaping Slip

This next piece is a staple design in the shapewear world. The Open Bust Shaping Slip selected by yours truly is exclusive to Luxury Legs and comes from exquisite manufacturers in Europe. It is perfect for those who prefer adjustable strap support but want to smooth and shape the stomach, waist and hips. Due to the slip’s open-bust design, you can wear your favourite bra with it, adding an extra layer of comfort to the ensemble.

The garment offers medium-level support, which makes it the perfect option if you’re looking for shapewear that you can wear for a while. As well as being supported throughout the day, the stretchy fabric adjusts comfortably to your shape to enhance and flatter the body beautifully.

As we know, allergy season usually isn’t far behind when the warmer weather arrives. Fear not, as this piece is 100% hypoallergenic, made from polyamide and elastane.

Selected by Luxury Legs Open Bust Shaping Slip

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