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Sticking to Your Fitness Goals with Luxury-Legs

Fitness Goals
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Fitness Goals

So January’s nearly over, how are your resolutions going? If, like us, you’ve made a resolution to get in shape this year, we’re here to give you that extra push to keep your resolution going past the first hurdle – the January slump.

There could be all kinds of reasons why you’re doubting your resolution was a great idea – maybe you’ve realised that gym membership is a little more expensive than you thought, or that those leftover chocolates and treats are a little too tempting, or maybe when you get in from work you simply can’t face going back out to exercise. We’ve all been there – but don’t give up just yet! We have heaps of solutions for your failing finances, waning willpower and measly motivation.

“I Can’t Afford To Keep Fit”

Fitness is something that we have to work into our lives if we want to stay healthy, regardless of our bank accounts. Even in the cold winds of January and wet rains of early Spring, we need to stay on top of our fitness regime. Maybe you’ve overspent and can’t afford that gym membership just yet, why not try some exercises at home? We’ve put together a short workout to help you keep your heart rate up and muscles toned from the comfort of your living room.

Step 1: Warmup

Never leap right into a cardio workout – you should take a few minutes to warm up your muscles and slowly elevate your heart rate. Simple movements work the best here.

    • Marching on the spot
    • Knee Lifts
    • Shoulder Rolls
  • Knee Bends

Step 2: Cardio

The part of the workout that does the most good, but that we always want to do the least! You can have a lot of fun with cardio, since it involves pretty much anything that raises your heart rate.

    • Running on the spot
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Skipping with Ropes
    • Squats
  • Burpees

Step 3: Resistance

No, we don’t mean showing a resistance towards exercise! This is the time for you to slow things down and focus on strengthening and toning your joints and muscles. Melting the fat away with cardio is all well and good, but a well functioning body needs strong joints and muscles to keep you healthy and mobile.

    • Press Ups
    • Tricep Dip
    • Shoulder Press
    • Bicep Curls
    • Squats
    • Lunges
  • Stomach Crunches

Step 4: Cooldown

This is the most overlooked part of any workout, the temptation is just to flop down on the sofa once you’re done, but take time to stretch so you don’t pull any muscles later.

    • Hamstring Stretch
    • Inner Thigh Stretch
    • Calf Stretch
  • Quad Stretch


“There Are Too Many Treats In The House”

We can completely sympathise with this one. If you’ve been gifted boxes of luxury chocolates or your favourite wine, it can be really difficult to let go in the new year. Instead of overindulging, try taking bigger boxes into work for everyone to share, saving drinks for a special occasion, and putting unopened edibles away to re-gift throughout the year – just make sure you’re not passing a box of chocolates back to the same person who bought you them in the first place! If you’re reaching for the snacks, why not try some healthy alternatives?

Healthy Snacks

    • Mixed Nuts
    • Frozen Grapes
    • Celery
    • Apricots
    • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Plain Greek Yoghurt

Healthy Treats

    • String Cheese
  • Dark Chocolate

“I’d Rather Stay Home”

Let’s face it, when you look good you feel good. One of the best ways to get yourself motivated to exercise is to have the right outfit to hand. If you look forward to wearing your gym wear then you’ll be far more likely to get changed and back out to exercise after work. We have a fantastic selection of sports leggings and sports tops by fantastic athleisure clothing brands such as Bodyism. These items are designed specifically with your gym experience in mind, whether you’re hitting the running machine and working up a sweat or strengthening your muscles with some low impact resistance work. Take a look at some of our best sportswear clothing from Luxury-Legs.

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