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Spotlight on Falke as a Sustainable Brand

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FALKE is one of our best-loved brands for a reason. They consistently deliver premium styles that are easy to wear and last a lifetime. In addition to their incredible quality, FALKE is becoming more and more sustainable each year, making it an eco-conscious brand that looks good and does good too. Read on to discover how FALKE is becoming more sustainable through their mission statement.

Ensuring a Responsible Supply Chain

In order to make the brand as sustainable as possible, FALKE outsource a lot of their global manufacturing to local suppliers. However, as an eco-concious brand they ensure all third-party suppliers meet FALKE’s sustainable mission statement.

The FALKE buying conditions and quality guidelines ensure that all suppliers meet the exceptional quality that FALKE has continued to deliver for decades. Wherever you are in the world you can be satisfied knowing that the entire FALKE production process meets the below criteria;

Spotlight on Falke as a Sustainable Brand

Reducing the FALKE Carbon Footprint Each Year

One of the biggest challenges FALKE faces in becoming a more eco-concious brand is the water and chemical wastage during the manufacturing process. For this reason, FALKE uses innovative techniques to reduce the chemicals released into the environment. FALKE strives towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) and is fully compliant with REACh standards in the European Union. When you shop with FALKE whether it’s for socks, hosiery or under garments, you can rest assured that your products are made using the least amount of chemicals as possible.

Spotlight on Falke as a Sustainable Brand

Animal Friendly Wool Socks from FALKE

In addition to focusing on social responsibility and reducing their carbon footprint, FALKE are committed to being an animal-friendly brand. As a huge manufacturer of wool and merino blend socks and tights, this makes up a huge part of their sustainable mission. The brand is compliant with IWTO Guideline for sheep welfare and Mulesing-free for their wool products and certified by CaregoraTM for all angora products.

Mulesing is a painful and harmful treatment of sheep to prevent maggots and other diseases. As part of their sustainability mission statement, FALKE ensures that no wool is obtained via this method.

Spotlight on Falke as a Sustainable Brand

Falke is Committed to Creating a Socially Responsible Brand

In addition to its physical impact on the environment, FALKE is focused on people to create a responsible and fair work environment. Whether it’s at their own manufacturing sites or independent locations, specially-trained staff regularly visit to assess situations and make improvements. They are committed to fair wages, compliancy with safety regulations and improving working conditions.

Spotlight on Falke as a Sustainable Brand

You can find FALKE’s full mission statement on their website along with more information about their sustainability approach. To view their latest collections for women, men and the entire family visit Luxury Legs now.

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