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Spotlight: Introducing Heist

Two females modelling shapewear products from Heist
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We are beyond thrilled to have welcomed Heist to Luxury Legs! They bring a beautiful selection of legwear and shapewear that fall into collections with unique design focuses and fits. Heist’s products combine industry-first technology with science. It sounds to us that neither this range nor Heist as a brand is one to sleep on. Enter their Contour, SoftSkin and Sculpt ranges.


Heist: who are they?

A brand that believes strongly in people feeling their best in their garments. Heist acknowledges the struggles people can face with shapewear, such as discomfort, lack of support and performance. They are a brand whose messaging many can relate to and states that ‘by innovating against ignorance and creating against constriction, underwear can be an instrument for progress’. We couldn’t agree more. 

Their mission

Given their commitment to making their consumers feel as good as they look, their mission over the last eight years isn’t surprising. ‘Promoting kindness to one another and the environment’ and ‘inspiring confidence’ through the pieces they create are at the forefront of their business.

The Contour Seamless collection at Luxury Legs

This range focuses on highlighting beautiful silhouettes and shaping the torso. Within our selection at Luxury Legs, you’ll discover products like their high-waist shorts, pant and thong, multiple bodysuit styles and a slip dress. One of the many things we love about Heist is that they offer such variety in their shapewear styles.

Contour: the short body

Heist’s ‘The Short’ bodysuit is a stand-out. The piece is available in multiple colours and has been designed with heat and moisture management in mind. We all know there’s nothing worse than that uncomfortable feeling of chafing. This can also be made worse when you are out and about with no means to change. We’re sure it’ll be as much of a thrill for you as it was for us to know that the short body has, of course, taken this into account. The addition of shorts gives this piece its anti-chafing qualities and leaves you free to go about your day without the worry of discomfort looming.

Two females wearing Heist's contour the short bodysuit

The SoftSkin collection at Luxury Legs

Next up is their SoftSkin collection. We proudly stock a wonderful trio of their elegant shapewear products.

SoftSkin The Bralette

We have to tell you about this bralette. Created with a self-proclaimed ‘buttery soft base layer’, who said you need to compromise comfort for style? The design of the deep band not only smooths and provides support but also adds extra dimension and texture to the look of the bralette itself.

A female modelling Heist's softskin bralette

If you’re also looking for garments to support the bottom half of the body, their brief and anti-chafing shorts are the perfect pair to complete the SoftSkin look. The garments are made from the same soft material, and both pieces have been created with cotton gussets for added comfort.

The Sculpt collection at Luxury Legs

The sculpt range from Heist specifically shapes areas of the body including the tummy, waist and bottom. If high-waisted is your preference when it comes to garments, this range of shapewear is made for you. At Luxury Legs, we stock their high waist pant, highlight short and outer body.

Two females modelling items from Heist's sculpt collection

Heist shapewear and HeroPanels

Something particularly special about Heist’s sculpt range is their ‘HeroPanels™’. 

What are HeroPanels?

Heist cites them as ‘bonded, laser-perforated shaping panels’. A creation seemingly at the heart of many of their designs.

Remember earlier when we mentioned the blend of technology and science that makes up Heist’s products? Well, here is where this comes into play. These panels have been created to mimic the area of the body that secures your muscles whilst seamlessly adapting to your body as you move throughout the day.

Working in similar ways to a memory foam mattress that memorises where you sleep, the HeroPanels™ become accustomed to your body’s shape, movement and temperature the more you wear garments that have them built-in. 

Heist legwear at Luxury Legs

We stock a multitude of elegant shapewear from Heist at Luxury Legs, but our collection doesn’t stop there. When it comes to legwear, there is absolutely no doubt that Heist has put the work in when it comes to their consumers. Having worked with 100,000 women, they have used the addition of data science in creating the products we talk about next. The aim; creating tights in shades of nude that represent all women.

The nude seamless sheer tights

First up are the nude seamless sheer tights. The 18 Denier aspect makes them the perfect nude tight for everyday wear. What really makes these tights stand out from others, is the waistband. Supporting the tummy with its high-waist properties, it is completely hand-sewn. 

A female's legs modelling Heist's nude seamless sheer tights. They are wearing black heels.

The fifteen tights

Naturally, any legwear collection isn’t complete without a staple pair of black tights. Heist’s ‘the fifteen’ tights are exactly that. They’re 15 denier and available in sizes ranging from 6 – 22. One quirk to Heist’s tights is that they’re created without a gusset. We love their saying that ‘no gusset means no sagging’ as it’s yet another example of how they’re taking everyday struggles many face when it comes to shapewear and legwear, and finding solutions that everyone can reap the rewards of.

A model's torso and legs wearing Heist's fifteen tights.

Heist’s collection at Luxury Legs

We hope this blog has given you a good introduction to one of the newest additions we have available at Luxury Legs. Heist’s mission is one we can whole-heartedly get behind, and we are so excited to be stocking shapewear and legwear from a brand that believes so deeply in the comfort and confidence of its consumers. Discover the full range from Heist at Luxury Legs, or refine your search to find pieces that shape the areas you’re looking for. Additionally, filter by size and price to browse through the best-suited garments for you.

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