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Natural Fibres at Luxury-Legs

Natural Fibre Tights
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Natural Fibre Tights

Natural fibres are a very simple way to add a little luxury to your outfit. A cut above typical nylon hosiery, our collection of Natural Fibre Tights at Luxury-Legs includes an exclusive selection of tights from some of the most highly respected names in hosiery: Fogal, Wolford, Falke and Oroblu.


Silk has a reputation for being a very luxurious fabric, but also offers many benefits for the wearer. It can absorb up to a third of its weight in water before it feels wet, it is a breathable material that regulates body temperature, meaning it keeps you cool on hot days and warm in the cold. It also has impressive moisture wicking properties, as well as being hypoallergenic making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Our collection of Silk Natural Fibre Tights includes a range of silk woven hosiery such as the Fogal Gia Silk Ribbed Tights which are made from a fine silk mix of 76% high quality silk for a soft and comfortable experience.

Fogal Silk Tights


One of the many fibres in our Natural Fibre collection, wool is one of the most popular materials used in crafting tights. Typically, Merino wool is chosen for its exceptionally fine fibres which results in exquisitely soft hosiery. Merino wool is not only luxuriously soft, it is extremely breathable and reacts to changes in your body temperature. Completely natural, designers love with working with Merino for its elegant and colourfast properties. You’ll find Merino tights by designers such as Wolford, Falke & Fogal within our Wool Natural Fibre Tights collection.

Wolford Wool Tights


Widely considered to be the most luxurious of natural fibres, cashmere is extremely lightweight and comfortable as well as being adaptable to a variety of styles and colours. Cashmere has a natural stretch, making it a perfect material for crafting tights, but is also adaptable to temperature due to the high moisture content of the wool. Falke have a fantastic range of cashmere blend tights, Falke Sensuals, which includes items such as the Sensitive Delight Cotton & Cashmere Tights, offering unparalleled comfort to hosiery lovers.

Falke Cashmere Tights


One of the most common natural fibres to be used in the creation of tights, cotton is another fibre which offers advantageous features such as being breathable, unlike synthetic fabrics, soft, insulating in warm and cool weather, non-allergenic for people with sensitive skin, and strong for durable hosiery that holds its shape. Most often, designers will blend cotton fibres with other natural fibres such as cashmere. In our Cotton Natural Fibre Tights collection you’ll find different blends of cotton fibres such as Oroblu’s Brittany Merino Wool & Cotton Tights.

Oroblu Cotton Tights

Make sure you browse our full Natural Fibre Tights collection at Luxury-Legs, and keep an eye out for natural fibres across our other hosiery and clothing departments to find truly luxurious pieces.

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