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Make Leggings Work For You All Year Round

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Ah, leggings. Where would we be without them? They’re such a versatile piece in our wardrobes, but many of us simply aren’t making the most of this comfortable legwear style simply because we’ve not been shown how to style leggings properly.

We hear all the time that leggings shouldn’t be worn instead of a pair of trousers of jeans, and there’s a good reason why, but this should never put you off buying a pair of leggings and wearing them no matter what the time of year!

Why Love Leggings?

Leggings are not only flexible and comfortable to wear but are available in a huge range of patterns and styles to suit all kinds of fashion wardrobes. Investing in just a few pairs of leggings can really open up your wardrobe to a whole range of casual and smart casual options for home, out and about, and even the workplace.

Legging Fashion Rules

There aren’t many hard and fast rules when it comes to leggings, in fact, there’s really only the one! People are absolutely right when they talk about not replacing trousers and jeans with a pair of leggings – but often they’re thinking about the classic thin, black style of leggings that can often leave us red-faced if worn with a short top!

All you really need to do is carefully consider what you need your leggings for and what you’ll be wearing them with, and the rest is really up to you!

Leggings In Spring/Summer

If you’re styling for Spring/Summer, we expect that you’ll be looking for a lighter legging. No-one wants to be walking around in thick leggings in a heatwave! Leggings can be a great choice for pairing with long, cool tops such as tunics and even strappy sundresses. You might opt for cropped leggings on warm days, or reach for a casual pair of denim leggings for simple day to day summer styling. We know that the summer months can be cause for concern among some of you who feel a little body conscious also, in which case shaping leggings can go a long way to making you feel confident about your summer body!

Leggings In Autumn/Winter

Autumn and winter call for something a little more snuggly, but don’t think that leggings can’t be perfect in your winter wardrobe too! Leggings are great for both autumn and winter. We recommend investing in a pair of soft and comfortable jersey leggings for those transitional months and saving your warm leggings for the real beast from the east! – both can easily be paired with a cosy oversized jumper or a long cardigan. When it comes to evenings out, a pair of leather-look leggings can give you some really versatile styling options to work with – pair your leather-look leggings with a long sequinned top or a glitzy dress for the perfect party look.

Leggings Any Time

Of course, some leggings are eternal in their style relevance. From practical choices such as a reliable pair of relaxed look leggings perfect for those lazy days around the house to a stylish pair of fashion leggings to experiment with no matter what the time of year, leggings really can be worn all year round!

Browse our full collection of leggings at Luxury-Legs to discover a multitude of options to pop into your wardrobe, and don’t forget to share your favourite legging styles with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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