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Madame Fogal - Hosiery Guide

Madame Fogal – Tights Guide from How to Wow

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Women are the priestesses of enchantment and have every right to radiate in their profession wherever they go, be it on the catwalk, in the office, or during exciting cocktail hours.

Fogal, are their accomplices, since they have studied their secrets and handed them on for over 90 years. And this is why Madame Fogal comes in: a truly confident, modern woman who loves her legs and can be trusted blindly when the spirit of elegance is concerned.

The Fogal “Tights Guide – from How to Wow” joins Madame Fogal throughout the seasons, in all climates and at varying occasions, in order to benefit from her “leg insights”. Not only will she point to the best ways of wearing fine hosiery; she will provide you with a veritable script of femininity. After all, the key to the Wow! lies in an accomplished mise-en-scène. Whenever the magic of the feminine sine curve is concerned, Madame Fogal will be there to reveal how to electrify the air with your presence.


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