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Madame Fogal - Hosiery Guide

Madame Fogal – Subtle Patterns: A Statement

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What is the secret of expressing personal taste at work without turning the office into a catwalk?

The beauty of nature never fails to inspire Madame Fogal. Her patterned hosiery echoes the ways and means of natural creatures, our masters in subdued elegance since the beginning of time. Worn with sophistication, patterned hosiery makes your legs look longer. Madame Fogal chooses small arrangements such as diamond-patterns and fine ribbed finishes. Fantasy hosiery is the most sensuous. She recommends a tone-in-tone look for larger patterns.

Advice: To test the effectiveness of patterned hosiery, begin with an understated dot pattern in taupe for a subtle, yet unabashedly flirty statement.

Recommendation: Pois (15 denier): a graceful and elegant look for any occasion. Claudia classic ‘Pepita Houndstooth’ for everyday or buisnesswear. Nepal a luxurious fine rib tight for colder days with a wool, silk & cashmere content.


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