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Madame Fogal - Hosiery Guide

Madame Fogal – Make-up for your legs

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When temperatures soar, legs breathe a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, in the interest of a perfect impression, bare legs are no option in business. Slight blemishes and individual flaws disappear under an ultra-light veil, acting like make-up for female legs. MADAME FOGAL recommends hosiery with a low denier count, one shade lighter than the personal skin tone.

Specially trained sales staff are more than happy to help you identify the right shade for you. The most reliable method is the consultation of our sample swatches, which are best tested over the skin back of your hand. The skin tone is invisible when choosing 8 to 10 denier matte hosiery. Fine hosiery with a low denier count should be handled with special care using fabric gloves. If a ladder happens to creep in, you can fix it in place with nail varnish or a generous application of hairspray.

Advice: Hosiery in light, creamy tones paired with a suit jacket and skirt or dress will make you look stylish and elegant at outdoor formal occasions in the spirit of Coco Chanel and the Great Gatsby.


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