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Leg Care – Varicose and Thread Veins

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While reading the newspaper – over my tea and toast last Saturday, I came across a really interesting read! As it sometimes goes over the weekend, I quickly peaked at the newspaper and something slightly glossier caught my eye, The Telegraph Magazine. This supplement does cover a range of interesting topics to suit everyone and when I saw this article I thought, I must share this with our loyal readers and customers! 

As most people are aware, tights are a staple in every ladies wardrobe. Although the outcome is often fashion driven, we hear the opposite from our customers. More often than not tights actually serve a purpose within their functionality. Many women suffer from varicose and thread veins or aching legs, which can be caused from a variety of different reasons, but with the help of the Telegraph’s Top Tips and some hosiery advice from us, hopefully this will make all the difference!

For people that suffer from varicose veins, I have narrowed down your search to help you find tights to suit you. From reading this article I learnt that when dealing with these conditions, diagnosis and treatment focuses purely on the problem areas – the legs. However research shows that the venous system includes the pelvic veins, travelling from the groin to the ankles. Therefore treatment or something to aid these problems should also cover the surrounding leg area.

Varicose Veins Vamoooooose!

Wolford Miss W 30 Leg Support Tights

Wolford Miss W 30 Leg Support Tights

Wolford Pure Energy 30 Leg Vitaliser Tights

Wolford Pure Energy 30 Leg Vitaliser Tights

Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support Tights

Wolford Individual 10 Complete Support Tights

‘Miss W 30’: Luxurious appearance with a stimulating effect, perfect for all over support from hips to ankle. These semi-transparent matte tights have a shaping panty and anatomically well-distributed compression, thereby guaranteeing the maximum degree of support. Specially designed for anyone who spends a lot of time standing and those who want to look great.

‘Pure Energy 30’: Tights that do more: an anatomical pressure pattern co-ordinated for the sitting position allows for better blood circulation, giving the legs a permanent source of energy. Beautiful in that semi-transparent, glossy look.

‘Individual 10’: Eye-catching legs, velvety soft tights with mat transparency and a shaping effect. The legs are vitalised, thereby guaranteeing a stimulating effect and flawless silhouette. That extra bit of sophistication: a push-up function is integrated into the panty section lifting the bottom and giving a sexy appearance.

Fogal 'Flair' 40

Fogal ‘Flair’ 40

HYD 'Tonic' Light

HYD ‘Tonic’ Light

HYD 'Cosmetic 70' Strong

HYD ‘Cosmetic 70’ Strong

‘Flair 40’: Utter Luxury with Fogal. Soft pantyhose in matt finish, extremely comfortable to wear, with a light support to revitalize your legs.

‘Tonic’: Soft, semi opaque 40 Denier Tights with Matt finish featuring light support that will form and revitalise your legs. Extremely stylish and comfortable to wear.

‘Cosmetic 70’: Graduated compression support tights with a 30 denier appearance. They do their job without looking like a support tight! Effective prevention and control of varicose veins.

Did you know up to 25% of women and 18% of men will suffer from varicose veins. If you want to find something to help varicose veins these tights can really help when you have to stand all day at work or for a special occasion, for both comfort and style! Vitalising tights often have a make up finish to help minimize any uneven skin tones.

Please contact us or leave a comment for any advice and guidance on finding the right pair of tights for you!

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