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The Science Behind Great Legs – Legology

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Legology was developed by beauty writer, Kate Shapland. A true beauty guru, winning best UK beauty journalist three times and best national newspaper beauty journalist twice. Following over 14 years writing for the Telegraph Magazine, Kate left to dedicate her time to growing Legology. She’s proved that dedication, hard work (and talent!) really do pay off.

Legology was created to deliver a high performance solution to heavy legs and cellulite. The deep-working formulas relieve the fluid retention that makes legs puffy, tired and congested and which contributes to cellulite.

Heavy and aching legs can be experienced during hot weather, pregnancy, long haul flights, a day on your feet or a night in heels.  Legology brings powerful relief, instantly and progressively with regular use, and the products are a joy to use, not a chore.

There’s a place that evokes the spirit of Legology which is part fantasy, part real. The Italian island of Capri, steeped in a unique, random style, inspired the Legology concept which, while powerful, would evoke a gentle glamour, charm and feel good elegance – of being in a holiday bubble: warm, tanned, happy, confident, in love perhaps? In that sense, Capri could just as well have been California or the French Riviera – in fact some have noticed a bit of a Chateau Marmont vibe about Legology.

Legology has a clean, uplifting lemon scent called ‘Capri Crush’ created by perfume house Robertet with Amalfi lemons to evoke the romance and spirit of Capri.  With each application the cream works to put the same carefree spring in your step as a day in the vivifying Mediterranean sea and sun.

This deep acting Contouring and Lightening leg cream is a powerful diuretic cream that delivers deep drainage benefits to relieve the tightness and puffiness caused by fluid retention, disourage cellulite, dissolve aches, pains and fatigue, rejuvenate and energise from the toes up.

Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs is dedicated to:

  • Lightening heavy legs & restoring a forgotten nimbleness
  • Contouring legs & Discouraging cellulite
  • Dissolving aches, pains and heel  fatigue
  • Enhancing skin tone, hydration & suppleness
  • Promoting your energy & a positive sense of wellbeing

How to Use

Apply in firm, upward movements from feet to ankles and ankles to knees, and thighs to hips. Massage with your thumbs, using them to push across inner edge of soles, and around ankle bones, up calves, shins and thighs in lines. Use your thumbs to massage in cirular movements at the sides and back of knees. Rest with your legs at an upward angle for ten minutes.

This is a clinical grade approach to leg care and cellulite. That’s why i recommend it to the whiteley Clinic Patients” – Professor Mark Whitely, Vascular Surgeron


A cool, tinted cream with a hint of pearl to give legs ‘un tocco del sole’ – a touch of sun – and scented with the Legology lemon signature Capri Crush. The leg finisher of your dreams, this cream delivers subtle, wash-off colour while contouring legs and making them feel lighter, more energized and supported without hosiery.

“Like invisible super stockings, this cream is the passport to bare leg confidence”.

– Maximising the look of bare legs with wash-off colour
– Lightening heavy legs & restoring a forgotten nimbleness
– Making you feel more confident & energetic
– Delivers a hint of flattering wash-off colour to bare legs.

How to use

Apply this cream as you do tinted moisturizer for your face, in gentle upward strokes over skin from feet to knees and beyond if required. Work the cream up each leg, stroking (not massaging) it into skin. Smooth it well over and around your knees, then apply further up the thigh if required, remembering to blend well around the backs of your legs.

A high performance scrub that delivers superb skin-smoothing and body-contouring benefits, lightens and energises legs. This exfoliator is a potent mix of sea salt and diuretic Himalayan pink crystals with a shake of Amalfi lemon peel to lightly scent skin and uplift the senses.

“Prepare to experience a real salt glow with these ‘sali magici’ – my magic salts!”

– Making skin smoother, softer & more supple
– Stimulating the circulation & promoting good drainage
– Lightening heavy legs & restoring a forgotten nimbleness
– Promoting your energy, confidence & positive sense of wellbeing
– Boosts circulation, reduces fluid retention, smooths and softens skin.

You will get the best results from these magic salts if you use them once or twice a week and apply them to dry skin before switching the shower on. Apply a generous scoop to each leg and starting at your ankles, work the salts up to your knees, massaging it into skin with the palms of your hands in circular movements. Massage the salts in around your knees, using your thumb to rub them into calves and backs of knees in small circular movements. Extend the application to thighs (and hips and buttocks if required), applying more palm pressure and using circular massage movements. Once the salts have been applied to both legs, switch the shower on and continue to massage the salts into skin until the last traces have been rinsed off. If you prefer a bath, apply the salts before you sit down in it and continue to rub the salts into your legs while you soak. Finish by spritzing legs alternately with warm and cold water using the shower attachment, ending with a warm spritz. This little hydro cure, called Swiss spray therapy, enhances the detox by raising your circulation. It also makes your body more receptive to follow on treatment: apply Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs now.

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