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Jegging style guide

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For those of you who don’t know what jeggings are, they are a perfect blend of jeans and leggings. This incredibly popular fashion item provides a super comfortable style piece without appearing quite as informal as conventional leggings.

Jeggings, or denim leggings, can be styled and worn all throughout the year, perfect for each season and all kinds of occasions. And now to answer the two biggest questions on most women’s lips: How do I wear jeggings and what do I wear with jeggings?


How do I wear jeggings?

The first thing to remember is that jeggings aren’t jeans. Keep in mind that, although they will give you the look of a great pair of jeans, they may not give you the same coverage.  Wearing jeggings as jeans will leave you vulnerable to showing more than you would like to (particularly when it comes to VPL). To avoid this, look into buying jeggings that lean more towards the jeans side than the leggings. A pair that is still stretchy but has enough weight to keep you discreet where needed. NYDJ does this well with a range of full coverage jeggings.

20018R – Spanx Jeanish Ankle Leggings

Very few of us can get away with wearing jeggings with a short top. The general rule with jeggings, is to pair it with a long top. This helps to balance your outfit. Evening out the slim silhouette of the jeggings with a long flowy top is a firm favourite. Add some shape to your outfit by wearing a short jacket.

Jeggings are great if you want to emphasise your legs! So even if your legs aren’t your favourite asset, you can’t go wrong with styling a tunic length top that finishes at your most flattering part, just above the knee. While jeggings aim to give your legs the look of a supermodel, if you lack the height of a supermodel and your jeggings are too long for your legs, have your jeggings taken up so that they don’t bunch around your ankles. This would make you look even shorter than you really are.

64632/65974 – Up Pants Pull On Jeans/Legging

What to wear with jeggings?

The most ideal pairing for jeggings, as mentioned above, is a tunic style top. The longer length, loose-look top creates a flattering contrast to the skin-tight jeggings and helps conceal any bulges around the middle, rear or thighs. This choice of top is perfect not only to look trendy but to protect your modesty, just in case of any visible panty line.

On the note of VPL, try preparing yourself with an extra layer of security (just in case you have a Marilyn Monroe moment) by choosing the right underwear. Choose a discreet thong, otherwise something with raw cut/laser cut seams, so that it lays flat underneath your jeggings, or a thong with laser cut seams. Nothing to see here!

As for footwear, jeggings are incredibly versatile. Jeggings look great in the summer paired with some on trend sandals. Ballet flats, loafers and canvas trainers add a stylish but casual look and feel. If you’re after that supermodel finish, then a pair of heels will add the finishing touch.

Of course, what you choose to wear with jeggings depends entirely on the weather. Sandals and a light blouse is perfect for a hot summer’s day. However, on a more chilly day, try tucking your jeggings into a stylish pair of boots and matching with a similar colour oversized jumper.

If you haven’t tried jeggings before, a great place to start would be with either Spanx, Lysse or NYDJ as they all have a collection of heavier weight jeggings, meaning you have the option to wear them as jeans without compromising on your modesty.

20018R – Spanx Jeanish Ankle Leggings

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