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Jeans: Our Best Style Friend

Designer Jeans
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There aren’t many people who can say, hand on heart, that they could survive without their jeans. They’re a classic wardrobe staple – versatile for a whole range of style occasions, flexible enough to always be comfortable and neutral enough that we can pair them with a huge selection of tops. Jeans are very much at the heart of our wardrobes for any season, and are one hundred percent our best style friend.

Our jeans are there when we need something comfortable to wear after a long day at work, they’re there as our go-to piece of clothing when we need to create a stylish weekend outfit, and we always reach for our jeans when we need to create a day to evening transitional look.

We simply couldn’t live without them, so we think it’s really important to find a pair of jeans that fit well, last a long time and are versatile enough that we get to wear them plenty of times throughout the week.

At Luxury-Legs, we believe that the reason our jeans are so popular is because we listen to what our customers want from a pair of jeans. We often find that people are very passionate about their relationship with jeans, and why wouldn’t they be when many wear them every day of the week! Popular opinion is that jeans never go out of style – fashion trends may come and go but jeans remain, always waiting in our wardrobes ready to go! We absolutely agree. While we may think of the classic blue denim style when we think about jeans, there are actually plenty of different options that can help you stay on trend without sacrificing your style favourite.

The average person owns more than three pairs of jeans, and we’re willing to bet that they’re all different styles. Our collection of jeans at Luxury-Legs includes the classic blue denim look, but are available in plenty of other fabulous colours to fit in seamlessly with your wardrobe. Take the MAC Dream Skinny Jean for example – available in a whole palette of colours from blue denim tones to sophisticated shades of grey, nude and blush, you could buy one of each and flaunt a different style every day!

“For me, fit is the most important thing. They need to be snug but still comfortable.”

The Skinny Jean The Cigarette Jean The Straight Leg Jean
The Jegging The Flared Jean The Cropped Jean

Of course, there’s different styles of jean to choose from. We understand that fit is one of the most important considerations when you’re looking for a brand new pair of jeans. Each of our styles offer you a snug fit for a flattering silhouette, while offering completely different looks each time.

“Jeans are one thing I’m always prepared to spend a little bit more on. You can really tell the difference in quality when it comes to denim and as jeans go with basically everything in my wardrobe I find it’s worth the extra investment to find the perfect pair.”

Most people only buy a new pair of jeans once every six months – so you need to make sure that the jeans you’re purchasing are high quality for a long-lasting look! Cheaper jeans tend to wear out quicker and lose their shape, meaning you lose your shape too. At Luxury-Legs, our jeans are created by designer brands including MAC, Spanx and DL1961 so you can treat yourself to a luxury quality pair of jeans that you can trust will retain their flawless style from the first wear to the last.

Mac Jeans

Spanx Jeans

DL1961 Jeans

We’re not alone in our love of jeans. Jeans have long been in the celebrity spotlight and inspiring women all around the world to invest in the perfect pair, proving that jeans are a timeless piece of fashion and not just a comfortable choice of loungewear. From Kate Moss to Khloe Kardashian and plenty of other stylish celebrity icons, no-one can deny the comfort and fashion appeal of a good pair of designer jeans.

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So what are you waiting for? Your new favourite pair of jeans could be waiting for you in our collection of jeans at Luxury-Legs, and with free UK delivery on orders over £50 there simply isn’t a reason to not treat yourself!

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