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It’s all in the Jeans

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We all have pairs of jeans hanging up in our wardrobes that never see the light of day. They are a classic piece of kit in every woman’s wardrobe, but can be one of those items of clothing that never seem to fit properly! However, do not worry because there is that perfect pair of jeans out these for us all, and once you find them you won’t want to take them off! We have a run down of all of the different styles and an idea of what to look for, too:

Skinny jeans

The infamous skinny jeans – find a pair that fits and these will be your best friends for life! These figure-hugging beauties can look fantastic when you find the right fit and can be worn casually during the day or dressed up for a night out. Of course the main point with these jeans is that they aren’t baggy, try to find a pair that hugs your figure from your waist down to your ankles.

Straight jeans

If you are a bit more self conscious and want something more comfortable, straight jeans are the perfect option. These also have a much more casual look to them than skinny jeans which is perfect for wearing everyday. They start off fitted from the waist and as the name suggest fit straight down instead of hugging your legs. Make sure they aren’t too baggy towards the bottom as they will make your legs appear larger and look ill-fitting.

Tummy control

If you want to wear jeans, but find them uncomfortable when wearing above your waist, going for a pair with tummy control is perfect. They will suck in any bits you want to hide and give you that instant confidence boost. These will do exactly what the state and just give you that silhouette shape which you can dress up or down.

Cropped jeans

These are the perfect option for when the weather gets warmer. You want them to fit your shape, but not be tight – there is nothing worse than wearing really tight fitting clothing when wandering about in the sun! Opting for a light shade is best to keep you cooler too.

 Leather look

If you are feeling a bit more daring and want to make your bottoms the real statement of your outfit then the leather look is the way to go. These will draw attention, and for all the right reasons, if you get them right! You can find these in straight, skinny and flare to find the perfect shape to suit your figure too.


Half jeans and half leggings, they give the jean appearance that you want, but with the comfort that leggings offer. Many people only choose to wear leggings with tops that cover their backside whereas jeggings are thicker in material so give you the option of wearing shorter tops too. If you find the thicker material of jeans a bit uncomfortable, then these are the perfect options and are much easier to find the right fit in.

Which are your favourite kind of jeans to wear and do you have that perfect pair that just fits? Let us know in the comments below!

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