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Introducing Joanne Admiraal and Hey Jo

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My name is Joanne Admiraal and I’m founder & CEO of  Hey Jo.

Inspiration for starting my company came from a deep love of fashion, sport and design, but as much as that, I’m interested in a woman’s lifestyle in general. I’ve always been a woman on the run,  based in London with my husband and father to our four children. I founded Hey Jo in 2012 in response to not being able to find the product I wanted.

 I set out to launch a brand which embraces a modern woman’s lifestyle, with a multi functional, practical product, encompassing a luxury quality and feel. A challenge was in realising how limited the colour offering was, in a high quality technical fabric, which felt as good as it looked. Coming from an interiors background I have a passion for colour, and how colour impacts on the way you feel in your everyday. I wanted colours which truly crossed over into a working woman’s wardrobe.


We developed leggings which stood alongside premium denim in fashion boutiques, as well as in a high end activewear environment. Fashion led colours exclusive to us in a legging not immediately assumed to be activewear, a practical, luxurious legging which one would just as likely wear to an airport or carry over into a lunch date.



Although a sleek and simple design, their luxurious detail and flattering cut, has prompted much feedback from customers in that they are often complimented when wearing Hey Jo leggings. Hey Jo has gained a well deserved, respected reputation for quality garments, with great fit in beautiful colours. This was the No1 ambition – to do one thing and do it well.

hey jo detail

I’m a legs girl and being a lover of all things (luxe) for legs, I’m very happy that Hey Jo can now be found at Luxury Legs.

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