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Introducing: Cuddl Duds

Cuddl Duds Comfortwear Model
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If you’re looking for comfortable layering options, Cuddl Duds are the super soft and luxuriously comfortable range for you. With a focus on layering for the winter months, Cuddl Duds offer three distinct ranges from comfortable softwear, to flexible fabrics and stretchy sportswear. Each range is designed with its own fabric technology,  making it a versatile piece of layering for any situation. The comfort and softwear range is created from soft yet stretchy material that moves comfortably with your body, while the FlexFit® and SportLayer® ranges are best for those with a more active lifestyle, created with a moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you warm and dry while enjoying your exercise.


Watch our video for more on Cuddl Duds…

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