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Interview with Tights and Ladders

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Our series of interviews continues with Kay, the blogger behind Tights and Ladders project. Kay will talk about why she decided to launch a hosiery blog, reviewing legwear, her obsession for Wolford and how she engages with her followers on social media and her blog.

  1. How and why did you become a hosiery blogger?

I have always worn tights/knee high socks from as far as I can remember!  I think that I definitely gained my passion from my mum (she used to be a tights machinist in the 70’s).  I decided to finally put this passion into blogging because when purchasing tights I was often left frustrated by the lack of images/reviews when looking on Google.  Even just trying to see what a pair of fashion tights would look like on in a ‘normal environment’ or even what outfits I could actually wear them with, was a struggle.  So I thought that, I couldn’t be the only person who does this and gets the same result? That’s when I finally took the plunge and began my own blog ‘Tights and Ladders’.

  1. What was your experience like when you first started to approach brands/retailers for collaborations?

I actually have never approached a brand/retailer yet.  I have been very lucky in that respect that every brand that I have worked with has actually approached me.

  1. What do you enjoy the most about blogging? Has it become a full-time job for you?

Sadly not, I work full-time for a University in a demanding role managing their accounts.  I absolutely love what I do, but can sometimes struggle dedicating the time required for my blog, so it’s definitely more of a hobby.

What I love most about blogging is seeing a post that you have dedicated so much love writing, receiving thousands of views and love from my readers.  It also feels super rewarding when receiving positive feedback after someone has gone and made a purchase based upon my review and loved the item as much as I do.  It’s definitely satisfying!

  1. You have a significant number of followers on social media who appreciate you a lot as a hosiery blogger! Is it easy to engage and involve your audience in your posts?

I am very lucky to have such engaged followers; I really do appreciate them more than anything! Whether I’m posting pictures of my tights or pictures related to gaming; they always show me so much love.  I always try to post pictures of what I will be reviewing next and reply to all my comments, which I believe helps.

Wolford Artiste Tights

  1. Wolford won the ‘Hosiery Brand of the Year’ at UKLA and we all know you love wearing it! When did you first discover the brand and what do you like about Wolford tights in particular?  

I definitely love wearing Wolford, so much so that I easily have over a hundred pairs of their tights!  I first discovered them back in 2010 when they released the now infamous ‘Bondage’ tights. From that year forward, they definitely caught my eye! I love that their designs just kept getting better as you can see with their release of the Hero, Stud and Mirella tights in the past few years.  What I actually love about Wolford is their innovative designs, their quality and the comfort that they provide.  Their tights literally feel like silk against your skin and providing you care for your products properly, they will last for years! I was also extremely lucky in 2014 to win their competition called ‘Update your Legs’ with my Mirella tights picture submission which was then published in their book. I also received a trip to Rome; which was absolutely breath-taking!


  1. Your blog primarily focuses on reviews of fashion tights. What do you think the Spring/Summer trends will bring new in terms of colours and patterns?

There will be plenty of sheer types in true Spring/Summer style and pastel colours!  I truly believe that fishnets are definitely going to make a massive comeback this year, especially the Wolford Twenties as the fishnet is small, fine and delicately beautiful!


  1. Can you tell us a bit about your future projects and collaborations?

I actually hope to start a YouTube channel at some point this year to showcase my love of hosiery and maybe show off my beautiful shoes/bags collection!  As for future collaborations, I actually have really some really exciting things happening this Spring/Summer with Pretty Polly!





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