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How to Wear White | Summer Style

How to wear white | Luxury Legs
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White is one of the most striking and chic colours to add into your wardrobe, but it can be tricky to style and pull off. At Luxury Legs we’re proud to be bringing you all of the latest trends in one easy-to-shop location and this summer that includes white. From white jeans and trousers to simple, staple white t-shirts, there are so many choices for you to brighten up your looks. If you’re not sure how to wear white successfully and stylishly, read on for our dressing guide. 

Know Your Shades 

You may already know that there are plenty of shades to play with. Your go-to shade of white will depend on your skin tone, personal fashion sense and what you wear with white. For example, those with warmer skin tones are better suited to cream and ivory as they will complement and bring out the darker elements of your skin. If you’re slightly paler or have a cooler skin tone, then bright white will look brilliant. Unsure of your skin tone? Good Housekeeping has a guide so you can determine if you have cool, warm or neutral skin tones.

If you’re wearing brighter shades of white, look to bold colours and silver accessories to complete the look. Play on the vivid shades to really make an outfit stand out. Cream and ivory tones are better suited to pastels, neutral shades and gold accessories. However, they also look great with fuchsia and bright orange hues too. 

Play with Textures 

Wearing white this season is so much more than crisp shirts and white t-shirts. If you’re feeling brave, test out new textures such as linen, neoprene and faux leather. Our favourite brands Commando, SPANX and Wolford are all embracing the trend by adding white faux leather leggings into their collections.

If you’re wearing white on holiday, a pair of silk or linen trousers are light, breezy and easy to wear with all of your go-to blouses or cami tops. Or for more of a right-now twist on the trend, denim and faux-leather will instantly add eye-catching details. 

How to Wear White T-shirts

One of the most effortlessly chic pieces you can own, a white t-shirt is a staple in all wardrobes. Here’s our top 3 ways to wear it in style this summer…

  • Throw on and Go

Dressing down in simple pieces doesn’t have to be boring. Take your favourite pair of leggings and add a white t-shirt for a look that’s comfy, cool and timelessly stylish. Try wearing faux leather leggings or a printed pair to contrast the simplicity of your top. Feeling brave? Team a white t-shirt with white or cream faux-leather leggings for a head-to-toe white look.

  • Jeans and a Nice Top

Jeans and a t-shirt are an unbeatable combo. They’re comfortable, casual and can easily be dressed up in an instant. If you want to make more of a statement from your white tee, look for bright blues or bleach denim that sit higher on the waist. Tuck in your top at the front to elevate the look from casual to chic.

  • Summer Brights 

Contrast the crisp, cool white of your t-shirt with a bright, printed skirt. Perfect for holidays, tucking it in with a pair of sandals makes for the easiest way to make a statement. You can even add a pair of heels to make it a dressier look inspired by the front-row fashion crowd. 

How to Wear White Jeans 

White jeans can be a tricky look to master. Naturally, you’ll be worried about stains showing up as soon as you put them on. But if you’re ready to wear white jeans this summer these are the things to think about: 

  • Footwear – The colour of your shoes can make all the difference as to how you pull of white jeans. Steer clear from black as this will look too harsh while white might drain you out and lose the long, slim look women usually get from wearing white jeans. If you’re wearing heels, try nude, silver, gold or jewel tones to complement white jeans. If you’re dressing down, look to sandals or trainers in a neutral colour. 
  • Stick to your silhouette – When wearing jeans for the first time, try a pair in your go-to shape. White jeans are available in every style from skinny to slim and flare, but you’ll feel most confident when wearing jeans you know suit your figure. Once you’ve mastered wearing white jeans, you can trial different looks depending on where you’re headed

When it comes to styling white jeans, the options really are endless. From a simple t-shirt in a block colour to pretty blouses or more fitted bodies – you can wear white jeans exactly as you would your regular denim or a pair of trousers. Tailored blazers make the perfect accompaniment to the minimalist look too. Layer in colours so you don’t feel too summery or monochromatic when wearing your white jeans.

How to Care for White Jeans

In order to keep their fresh, white hue, white jeans need to be washed slightly differently to your regular denim. It’s important to avoid all bleach based cleaning products as this will cause them to go yellow over time. Similarly, you’ll want to wash them less. Like with black jeans, the more you wash them the softer the denim becomes and eventually leads to colour fading. In the case of white jeans, this will lead to them losing their original colour and turning more cream/yellow.

It’s important to know that jeans won’t stay really really white for a long time. Take care of them and they will naturally become more milky which can last a lot longer if cared for correctly.

How to Remove Stains from White Clothing

White clothes will naturally shop up more stains than coloured items. From yellow-ash deodorant marks which arrive over time to food, grass and general stains, make sure you get them out the right way to keep the longevity of your white clothes. Here’s how

  1. Always read the label – know about the materials in your clothes in order to treat them effectively.
  2. Treat before you wash – if you can machine wash you white clothes, it’s always best to use a stain remover or treatment. Washing first may let the stain sink in which makes it harder to remove later.
  3. Act quickly – the quicker you can treat the stain, the better.
  4. Try a natural stain remover – lemon juice, salt, vinegar are all well known to remove stains quickly and effectively. If you’re wearing a delicate item these are usually the best to try first before chemical products.
  5. Treat your stains differently – all stains come out in different ways depending on what’s made them. BOSCH has the ultimate guide to stained white clothing that can help you in any situation.

Ready to embrace wearing white this summer? Shop now at Luxury Legs.

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