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How to wear Coloured Tights

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Want to wear coloured tights but don’t know how to do it and still look like a professional? We’ve put together a style guide on how to execute coloured tights flawlessly.

Pick Your Colour

Harmonising your hues

Start off by picking your colour theme, and use this as a guide to build on. Pairing 2 contrasting colours within your colour scheme is perfect because it allows a chance for each piece to stand out. Keeping them all within the same theme means they can merge to form a put together look, with your coloured tights at the heart of the outfit.

Linda Votjova for Elle Italia 2011. Shot by Mark Pillai..

Add a pop of colour

Try to add your coloured tights as a ‘pop of colour’ to your outfit. In the same way, you would add a vibrant pair of shoes or a bright handbag. A touch of colour can really lift an outfit and add some personality to it.

Pick Your Style

Make it Preppy

Coloured tights can easily give an outfit Gossip Girl vibes, but preppy doesn’t have to be twee. Try more of a Clueless style, pairing coloured tights with a pinafore, along with some edgy accessories. The accessories will toughen the look up so that it doesn’t come across too nursery school.

Image result for kendall jenner green tights

Pairing with a Pattern

The old reliable rule of pairing block colours with a bold print is a foolproof combination. So try using your tights as the block colour! Paired with a floral summer dress and some simple sandals makes for an elevated outfit!

Neutral Backdrop

An outfit made up of neutral tones like ivory, cream, pale beige or grey allows a colourful pair of tights to stand out. Try co-ordinating your shoes to match too!


Try layering some colourful tights underneath a pair of cropped mom jeans for a delicate touch of neon. Casually finish the look for an everyday fashion statement with simple trainers or matching flat shoes.


This season the grey work suit is everywhere!  Add your own personal twist by adding a hint of colour with a fun pair of tights.


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