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How to style coloured tights

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When you think of tights, you typically think of black, nude or even dark navy colours. If you feel as though you need a change or wish to spice up your outfit and go for something you wouldn’t usually, then explore the options of coloured tights instead. Here at Luxury Legs we have a lovely range of coloured tights in shades like red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and purple; if you can think of a colour, it’s likely we have it in tight form. However, as we aren’t talking about your average hosiery, it can be difficult to think of ways to style them. Below are some of our best tips to help you style coloured tights.

Block colours

Having coloured tights in your arsenal provides you with the perfect opportunity to colour block your outfit. This trend resurfaced a year or two ago and is still very much in fashion. Choose colours that contrast well with each other and still look great, such as red and yellow or green and blue. You’ll definitely attract all the right attention when doing this.

A pop of colour

One method we see used a lot to create drama in a look is to pair coloured tights with clothes that are black and white. Imagine a black and white striped top, black skirt and bright red tights – or tights in a colour of your choice. It’s a fresh new look to a monochrome classic.


When speaking of coloured tights, they don’t always have to be the brightest. Here at Luxury Legs we supply a number of neutral and toned-down tights that are perfect for autumn, work and more. Wear earthy green tights with an oversized brown shirt for the ultimate smart-casual work outfit or brown tights with a deep orange dress to emulate the season’s colours.


Sometimes the most unlikely of pairs make the best solution. For this reason, we recommend experimenting with your look and thinking outside of the box. Pick colours that you wouldn’t usually ever pair with each other and explore different combinations. Some of our favourite pairs include beige/navy, navy/olive and brown/orange.

There are thousands of potential outfits to wear when you have coloured tights, so don’t delay and order from Luxury Legs today. Free UK delivery is available on orders over £50 and worldwide delivery starting at £5.

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  • randy
    November 2, 2017 at 10:04 am

    Colored tights are a awesome addition to any outfit they can be very stylish. Colored hosiery can have a different look to one’s out fit if layered with fishnets or fence nets also.