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Top Hosiery Tips From the LL Girls

How to Store Tights to Avoid Pulling & Laddering (5 Easy Tips)

How to store tights to avoid pulling and laddering
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If you’re anything like us you’ll have a huge collection of tights; everyday tights, posh tights and everything in between. Having all these tights at your beck and call is amazing, but with a large collection of hosiery comes a unique problem: how do you store them? Learning how to store tights properly will help you avoid your precious hosiery becoming ripped, pulled or laddered during storage, not to mention the added benefits of keeping them organised and easily accessible.

Here at Luxury-Legs we know a thing or two about hosiery and keeping it in tip top condition, so we’re going to pass the knowledge along. Here are our top tips on the best way to store tights:

Tights Storage Tip 1: Roll Them

If you’re storing your tights in drawers you’ll want to avoid ending up with a tangled mess at all costs. We’ve found that one of the best ways to store tights in drawers is by gently rolling them up first. If you have a drawer organiser this is an extra bonus, but you can simply store your rolled tights next to one another for an equally tidy result.

To roll your tights you simply need to fold them in half lengthways and, starting from the toe, roll them up towards the waistband until you reach the top. You can also fold the waistband back over on itself to keep the roll together (a bit like a pair of socks) but this isn’t essential. Then you can organise your neatly rolled tights however you like, whether it’s by colour, occasion or style.

Tights Storage Tip 2: Bag Them

how to store tights organza bag

Bags can be the perfect tights storage solution for all you ladies with particularly extensive collections of tights. All you need is a pack of sandwich bags, silk bags or organza storage pouches and some labels and you’ve got a safe and reliable way to store tights. Simply roll up your tights like you did for tip one, and place them carefully inside the bag. You can then use your label to mark them up (again, whether you want to organise by type, style etc.) and stand them next to one another in your drawer. This way you can flick through your tights collection and quickly find the pair you need without worrying about pulling or catching any of your precious hosiery in the process.

Tights Storage Tip 3: Use a Coat Hanger

how to store tights hanger

Limited drawer space? We hear you! It’s time to maximise your hanging space by organising your tights on simple coat hangers. You’ll need the type that has a bar across the bottom (usually used for hanging trousers through) so you can make sure the tights stay in place. Organise your tights into groups however you see fit, then you’ll need to knot them gently around the bar on the hanger.

To knot your tights, simply fold them in half lengthways and loop them through your hanger before carefully knotting them just like a regular shoelace. No need to over-tighten or pull too much, they will stay in place with just a loose knot. Besides, you don’t want to have to pull at them too much when you get them down, as this could cause them to loose their shape.  

Tights Storage Tip 4: Use a Pocket Hanger

No space in your wardrobe for hanging tights? Try a hanging pocket organiser. You can buy these to hang just about anywhere, whether over the back of a door or against any wall. They feature lots of protective plastic pockets, perfect for rolling up your tights and stowing them safely out of harm’s way, while also keeping them highly visible so they’re easy to locate and access.

Tights Storage Tip 5: Use an Under-bed Box

No drawer space, wardrobe space or wall space? Under the bed is another greatly under-used storage option for your extensive hosiery collection; simply slide them away out of sight and out of the way until you need them. You can buy plastic under-bed boxes for next to nothing, which provide ample storage room for all your tights and stockings. Just like with your drawers, simply roll up all your tights, sit them neatly next to one another and close the lid to keep away any dust. Get the boxes with little wheels on the bottom for extra-easy access.

Handling & Storing Tights: The Do’s and Don’ts:

DO: Always handle your tights with extra care and caution. Make sure your nails aren’t jagged as these love to catch on your fine hosiery fabric and create unsightly pulls. You can even moisturise your hands to prevent your tights from catching on dry skin.

DO: Try wearing a pair of hosiery gloves for extensive handling of your tights and stockings to make doubly sure they are protected from snagging on jewellery, nails and skin.

how to store tights hosiery gloves for handling tights and stockings

DON’T: Store your tights alongside rough fabrics like lace, or alongside bras and belts. Bra hooks and belt pins are mortal enemies of your delicate hosiery, and lace-type fabrics love nothing more than to catch on finer fabrics.

DON’T: Allow your tights to become entangled with other pairs while in storage. The inevitable pulling, stretching and rummaging that follows this puts your tights at risk of laddering and becoming misshapen.

Now you know how to store tights and keep them safe, you can treasure and enjoy your favourite pairs for longer. Have you got any more tips on the best way to store tights and stockings? Help a girl out and share your ideas with us below!

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