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How To Shape Your Body Using Body Shaping Underwear

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Most body-conscious women will already know how to use shapewear to make a special outfit work for them, but did you know that by using body shaping underwear, you can enjoy the benefits of shapewear every day? Body shapers come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve noticed a recent rise in women opting for body shaping underwear for that little extra lift and support every day rather than just for special occasions.

How Body Shapers Work

So what do body shapers do? There isn’t a huge amount of difference between body shapers and standard shapewear, but the key difference is wearability. Even if you’ve got a piece of shapewear that fits comfortably, you’ll often find that the compression can be quite intense and really only something that you can wear for an evening or a long day such as a wedding.

With body shaping underwear, you can enjoy an everyday boost that doesn’t work quite as hard on the body. You’ll get the same benefits such as a smoother and firmer silhouette, but you’ll find that with body shapers, you aren’t rushing back home to take them off with a sigh of relief!

How To Make A Body Shaper

There’s a little more flexibility to be had when it comes to body shaping underwear too, in that you can pick and choose individual pieces of body shaping underwear to make up an overall body shaper for yourself.

In order to make a body shaper, think about the areas of your body that you think might benefit from a little extra support. Do you worry about your arms being on show? Is your stomach a problem area for your self-confidence in figure-hugging clothing? Would you like your thighs to hold a little firmer?

Once you’ve defined which areas you think could benefit from body shaping underwear, you can begin to put together your body shaper. The best news is that you can wear your own bra, but for other areas, popular ranges such as our Spanx underwear & layering collection offer body shaping underwear to address each of these problem areas individually, so you can easily put together a day to day body shaper in no time.

Are Body Shapers Safe to Wear?

While many women are happy to pop on a piece of shapewear for an evening, the prospect of wearing shapewear day in day out can raise a few areas of concern. After all, can constant compression from our clothing really be a good thing? The reality is that unless you’re really going overboard with ill-fitting shapewear, dramatic stories about organ crushing are surely just that – dramatic stories!

It all comes down to fit, experts advise. Any kind of shapewear or body shaping underwear can cause problems with circulation and digestive issues if they’re too tight. It’s best to remember when putting your body shaper together that you’re looking to gently support your problem areas, not squash them into submission!

Our Body Shapers at Luxury-Legs

Here at Luxury-Legs, you’ll find all kinds of options to choose from when you’re putting together a body shaper. We encourage you to browse all of our shapewear options, from body shaping tights to body shaping underwear to find the right solution for you.

Our most popular range is the Spanx body shaping underwear collection. The Spanx name is well known in the shapewear industry and for good reason! Their designs are fashionable and notoriously comfortable to wear – so make sure you take a look at the full Spanx range to find even more ways to incorporate a little lift into your wardrobe!

Do you have a favourite piece of body shaping underwear that you just can’t live without? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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