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How to Organise Your Underwear

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In recent years the world has seen a huge rise in people organising and de-cluttering their homes. With lockdowns forcing us to use our homes as offices, schools and living spaces all at once, we are becoming more conscious about how we live. Making the most of your space at home can be a calming and motivating job to tick off your to-do list but some areas are easier than others. From bra’s to knickers and pesky socks that seem to go missing in the tumble dryer, organising your underwear can seem like a mammoth job and always be left until last. We caught up with home organising expert Organised by Charlotte to help you know where to start…

What’s the first step in organising a wardrobe? 

“The first step in organising a wardrobe is to categorise, you will find it hard to know what storage aids you need as well as what items you can live without if you cannot see everything you have. By categorising (placing all the t-shirts together etc) you can clearly see if you have too much of something or if you need to allow for more space for something else. I would also advise being realistic with time, and don’t expect it to be done in a few hours.”

How important is it to declutter clothes before organising? 

“Decluttering allows you to ease off the strain on your wardrobe and focus on items that you love wearing. If you have too many clothes you cannot see what you have and what you love so try to be as decisive as you can and get rid of items that you haven’t worn in ages. I also recommend placing items you find hard to let go of in a different space and if after 6 months you do not wear them you can get rid of them!”

What’s the best way to fold knickers? 

“There are so many ways to fold underwear, but in order to get the most space-saving and quickest results, I recommend folding the bottom up and then rolling on its side. Place all the knickers in inserts like these to ensure they stay neat and tidy.”

Is it better to have underwear in drawers or shelves? 

“Definitely drawers! When designing a wardrobe make sure you have plenty of drawers, people always make this mistake! Underwear/tshirts are so much better in drawers and you can fit so much more in a drawer.”

Can you give your top steps in organising underwear?

1.  Take it all out and categorise/declutter

2. Get some good drawer inserts 

3. Seperate your underwear into sports/everyday/evening so you can easily find what you need

4. Colour code 

What’s the best way to store underwear in small spaces?

“Its all in the folding technique, but folding and rolling into a drawer you will fit so much more in. Also if you have a smaller space, make sure you do not over buy.”

How do you fold bras without them losing their shape?

“I tend to not fold bras (unless they are sports bras) and I find placing them in drawer inserts like these they keep their shape nicely.”

For more decluttering inspiration for a spring clean of your home, visit Charlottes instagram page or contact her directly through her website to arrange your own consultation to see how she can help you organise your home.

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