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How to layer your clothes this summer

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Summer is on the way! Are you excited to pack up your chunky winter knits in exchange for some lighter, brighter summer picks? Then this is the blog for you…

We’ve all noticed the later sunsets and more frequent blue skies, but is it really warm enough to bring out the summer straps and skimpy vests? Well, if like us, you’re in the united kingdom, then probably not. Which is why we’d like to introduce you to the world of Layering.

Ok, so you might already be a pro at layering, but keep reading for some layering style inspiration and top tips on how to execute your pre summer style flawlessly.

Tips for Layering

We know some of you may be thinking that layering is only for those with a petite frame, for fear of additional clothes making you look larger than you actually are. Below are some tips to show you that layering really is for everyone!

  • Keep your under layers fitted to slim down your outfit
  • If you’re scared of losing your waistline, complete your look with a belt
  • (KEY TIP) When styling a layered outfit, ensure a mix of materials and textures. If you use a continuation of the same fabrics, your outfit will not only look drab, but have a heavier appearance leaving you looking bulkier than you are
  • When layering, correct length and proportion is essential;

How to Proportion Your Layers               

– Balance loose fit with fitted styles. To avoid looking like you’re drowning in fabric or auditioning for the next cat-woman, make sure to combine the two. For example, pair a voluminous blouse with some fitted leggings or a shorter top with wide leg trousers.

– The instant hourglass. Use a belt to pull your waist in and instantly create curves by adding some shape to your silhouette.

– Pair long and short. Wearing a longer jacket with a maxi dress will risk you looking frumpy. The more flattering option is to choose a shorter top layer when wearing a floor grazing under layer.

Layering for Modesty

You may consider layering for a few reasons. Let’s start with modesty. Found the perfect dress or top but feel intimidated by the super low plunge neckline? Adding a cami or tank top underneath will give you the coverage you need, whilst adding to your outfit, no one would ever know they were two pieces.

Layers for Sun Protection

Sun protection. Although the weather is getting hot and this may make you want to wear less clothes, exposing your skin to the bare sun for too long isn’t good for anyone. Beat the sunburn with a long sleeve blouse or a lightweight kimono.

Layering for Warmth

Warmth. A hack to wearing your summer outfits without having to ruin the look with a coat or chunky knit. If you’re excited to put away your coat and start showing off your summer wardrobe, but it’s just not that hot, layering is the perfect solution. Your additional layers don’t have to be visible! Your secret layers could be tights or leggings under trousers or jeans, or a combination of vests and/or t-shirts under a summer blouse.

Layering with Colours

For those of you that have already graduated layering school, make sure to switch up your usual picks that you’ve been wearing through the colder weather for lighter colours. Whites and nudes will highlight your summer wardrobe transition. So instead of black tights, switch for a nude. 

Enjoy some layering inspiration below!

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