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How to Layer for Skiing

How to Layer for Skiing
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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or heading to the slopes for the first time, packing for a skiing holiday is something that takes a lot of time, effort and planning. If you’re off on a ski trip this snow season we’ve got the essential layering piece and stylish layering tops to wear on and off the slopes so check out our top tips for layering on a skiing holiday to take the stress out of packing…

Define your layering system

Plain and simple, most skiing climates require 3 layers; a base layer, a mid layer and your outer layer. The outer layer is what takes up the most space and will usually be a large, padded coat. Your base layer should be body-hugging, fitted, keeping sweat away and body heat in while the mid-layer is more of a traditional thermal top which will insulate your body and keep air flow around the body.

Pick your base layers

Depending on time of year, and weather forecast, your needs for a thermal layer under your ski suit will change. More fair weather skiers will find they need a simple wool blend base layer while those headed off-piste in rough conditions will need something more specific to the sport. Many people think that adding more layers will keep the cold out when temperatures drop, but professionals advise against wearing more than 3 layers.

Know your fabrics

Instead of adding more layers try natural fibres and blends which will keep your body warmer than simple cotton tops. Hanro’s collection of silk & cashmere and Merino wool blends are the perfect pieces to be worn in colder climates and work perfectly as thin layering tops and leggings under your ski gear. Merino wool naturally regulates body temperatures making it the perfect fabric for colder climates as it prevents overheating while keeping you dry, warm and comfortable.

Hanro Wool & Silk Top £91, Hanro Wool & Silk Leggings £78

Don’t forget your legs

The 3 layer rule doesn’t apply to your bottom half, instead it’s worth investing in sport specific or natural fibre leggings which are breathable while also temperature regulating at the same time. While a regular pair of active leggings will do the trick, a pair of Merino wool leggings from Falke or cashmere blend from Commando will not only keep you warm but feel super soft on the skin too.

Layer up off the slopes too

There’s so much more to a skiing holiday than the active sport itself. While apres-ski has become an occasion to show off your chicest cashmere knits and latest snow boots, it’s essential to keep cosy and covered up during your downtime too. Combining both style and comfort, Commando’s butter collection is super soft and can be mixed and matched together to create a chic off-duty look.

Lemon Fur Cuff Leggings, £35

Heading off on a skiing holiday this season? Check out all of the must-have layering pieces at Luxury Legs and don’t forget to tag us when you’re out on the slopes!

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