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How to be the Perfect Gifter

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Finding the perfect gift can be a struggle, especially if your wife/partner is an ‘I don’t want anything‘ type. Not knowing what to give your significant other is incredibly common, and does not mean that you don’t know them well enough. In fact, it means the opposite. You’re struggling to pick a gift because you’re anxious to find the perfect one. So don’t think that you’re starting out on the wrong foot, you’re right on point!

“The more a relationship matters, the more we worry about getting it right” – Karen Pine


We’ve taken out the anxiety of looking for that perfect stocking filler this year! As we’ve created a perfect Hosiery gift set to suit every woman! Tailored to suit the needs of every lovely lady, which suits your girl best? Click on yours below



Find youself on the list?

Studies show that men spend more on their wives and girlfriends at christmas if they’re told what to buy. So don’t be shy. If you know what you want, ask for it!

Wrapping the perfect gift

  • The Right Materials

Make sure you’re starting off with good quality materials, a christmas sheen, but remember to keep it simple. Less can sometimes be more, stick to 2 colours maximum.

  • A Ribbon

If you can tie a shoelace, then you can tie a ribbon around a present. To trim your ends nicely, just cut them diagonally.

However, if buying one of our Luxury Leg Gift Sets, this includes a free gift wrapping service that comes with no invoice inside the giftset, in a red satin Luxe pouch. Saving you all the hassle of christmas wrapping.










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