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Halloween Tights Inspiration

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There are 2 types of people in the world; Those who plan their Halloween costumes a month in advance, and those who pull something together on the day. Whether you’re either of those, don’t rely on an uninspiring costume shop for original ideas. Get creative with your outfit and put together a mix of fashion and makeup for an impressive Halloween costume.

Whether you’re dressing up for a party or a contest, the inspiration below has you covered! Ready to win best dressed this year?


There’s a large population of people that when it comes to Halloween, they need to be cats, and that’s ok. Once the classic costume of ‘wear something nice and safe and normal and not scary at all’ whilst adding a cat ear headband. We’re going to help all you cat people to avoid drawing on a nose and whiskers and thinking you’re good to go. You’re not. Stand by for the best Halloween cat inspiration you’ve ever seen. All you’ll need for this classic costume is either a pair of leggings, try leather leggings to add some sass to your outfit.  

(Sheer Top, Leather Leggings, Wide Fishnets)

Harley Quinn

Ever since the 2016 movie Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn has been a strong pick for Halloween (or any other occasion for fancy dress for that matter). From the creative makeup, baseball bat props to the ripped fishnet tights, this costume will never be a dull choice. For the ripped fishnet effect, apply body makeup to the legs before putting the tights on. Then pull a hole in each leg, revealing your joker ‘tattoos’ underneath.

(Fishnet Tights)


The classic. the original. A timeless piece.

Leather Leggings, Opaque Tights, Pattern Tights)


A great choice for diversity, if you want to look impressive but also rough, this is the outfit for you. From loose trousers to fishnet stockings, anything goes!

(Fishnet Tights, Fishnet Hold-Ups)


Mermaid appreciation has been strong for the last few years, and this year is no exception. A colourful wig along with the right pair of fishnet tights, not to mention the face jewels (essential) is the right combination to show Ariel exactly who’s boss. Don’t forget, it’s all about the nets. Plan your outfit with asymmetrical fishnet tights, and a netted top.

(Fish Scale Tights, Net Top, Net Vest)

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