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Halloween Chic

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As Halloween surpasses Bonfire night in celebrations, we’re here to inspire! Including food, decor and of course outfit ideas from fashion movie mavens. Taking inspiration from the chicest ideas, we’re here to help you plan the perfect Halloween this year!

Collecting some cute smaller pumpkins along with the larger ones, of all sizes, shapes and colours creates a feast for the eyes! Try making a display of pumpkins carefully placed with some fallen Autumn leaves scattered around.  This makes for a super chic looking display, that’s easily sourced and when you’re done you can get the hoover out and say goodbye to indoor Autumn!

Placing orange bouquets instead of your usual flowers can easily give in to the halloween chic look, the best part is, when the festivities are over, the flowers can still run their course!

Food displays have never been more fun! Grab the brightest fruit & veg you can find and arrange them into cool halloweeny patterns.

Taking advantage of brands ‘Halloween Editions’ merchandise is also an easy way to bring the usual snacks into the Halloween spirit

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