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Guide to getting smooth summer feet

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With summer fast approaching, switching to your summer wardrobe also means switching to your summer shoes! Sandals, flip flops and open toes shoes are the perfect complement to any summer outfit, but you need to have the feet to match! We’ve put together a super easy guide to having the perfect summer feet!

Step 1 – Wash and Dry

Summer feet care, like anything, starts with a clean canvas. Before starting with any products or accessories its essential that you have thoroughly clean feet. Give them some extra attention in your usual bath or shower, or soak them in a foot bowl using your favourite moisturising products. Towel dry your feet after their wash to ensure they are properly dry.

Step 2 –  Exfoliate

Exfoliating helps get rid of any dry skin you may have. This means a smoother, cleaner looking foot that efficiently absorbs any moisturising products you may use afterwards. Feet are prone to an increase in the risk of hard cracked skin in summer, so by following the necessary steps to look after your feet all year round, you can ensure you won’t have to put up with sore and unsightly cracked skins and heels.

Try this Exfoliating skin polish from Vita Liberata, or These Stimulating Salts from Legology.

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Step 3 – Moisturise

With age, our feet lose their natural oils, which is why many people have dry and cracked feet. If your feet are dry and cracked, wearing sandals leaves your feet vulnerable to debris that can get lodged in your foot and increase your risk of infection. Keeping your feet moisturised keeps them looking fresh, but also will prevent them from having cracks in the first place. Heels are prone to over-use, so as a result, become drier quicker than the rest of the foot. The heel is also protected by thicker skin, which means it’ll take a little more effort to lock moisture in. Ensure to moisturise your feet immediately after you shower to retain the moisture your feet have already soaked up. For the best results, moisturise your feet every night and then sleep with cotton socks to lock in the moisture.

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Step 4 – Tan

All too often, when we moisturise we forget to continue past the ankles. This is not to be forgotten, especially if you plan on wearing sandals or flip flops! To get the perfect tan, make sure whilst applying UV sun protection to go right down and include the whole foot as this will prevent discolouration and sunburn. If you’re trying to get a suntan, ensure to use the appropriate factor sun protection as this could lead to burns and UV damage. Getting a glow from head to toe looks great, so if a suntan isn’t something you plan on having this summer, why not buy your glow. Evenly apply your favourite tanning product (continuing past the ankles!) and wait for the perfect glowy feet.

Step 5 – Groom

A big part of summer feet care is not only the condition of the skin, but the nails too. Looking after your toenails is the cherry on top of a well cared for foot, bringing the whole summer aesthetic together! Ensure that you are trimming your toenails the right way, by clipping straight across and not rounding the sides, as this can cause ingrown toenails. Do not cut your cuticles, as they are there to protect us from dirt and debris getting into the skin. Instead, push them back. Finish off with your favourite colour, or a clean coat of nail polish. Pastels, whites and nudes perfectly compliment any summer outfit.

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Step 6 – Maintain

Once you have the perfect summer feet, and the weather is getting warmer, it may be tempting to just not wear shoes.  You will want to maintain your foot care routine as long as possible. To do this you will need to avoid walking barefoot.

Wearing a pair of good cotton socks every night after you moisturise will help maintain the moisture in your feet while you sleep.

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