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Fogal’s New Direction: A Q&A with Margaux Burrus

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Founded in 1921 by Leon Fogal, a Swiss clothing manufacturer, Fogal is a hosiery brand steeped in history and on the brink of celebrating its centenary in 2021. Now, under new leader ship and with a new creative direction the brand is being relaunched with a fresh twist on the classic, heritage hosiery it has become widely known for. Margaux Burrus, co-owner since 2017 tells us all about the brand and what we can expect from the new-season collection

Q: What sparked your interest in the brand?

A: Edouard and I were touched by the soul, elegance and heritage of the brand. The brand is known throughout Switzerland for its high quality tights and we wanted to modernise the timeless brand through this exciting opportunity.

Q: Tell us why you love the brand?

A: Fogal celebrates women’s legs and remains a symbol of elegance and coquetry. Pantyhose have become the ever-so comfortable, ever-so appealing, must-have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. 

Fogal Touch Tights, Coming Soon

Q: How have you restructured Fogal as a brand?

A: When we acquired Fogal in 2017, we decided to give a new financial and creative energy to the classic Swiss brand. We went through a vigorous multi-phase restructure process starting with relaunching a new creative direction along with eco-conscious packaging. We were lucky to be able to develop a new creative vision with the help of the Swiss omni-talented artistic Director, Jean-Luc Amsler who has previously worked with Christian Dior, Yves-Saint-Laurent and Jean-Louis Sherrer.

The final big piece of work was reworking the products and price points to make Fogal a luxury brand which is now more accessible to a wider customer base while keeping the same promise of quality and exceptional design.

Q: You’ve called your rebranding ‘modernizing what is timeless’, what can we expect in this new modern direction from Fogal?

A: We want the brand to be one that listens to its customers and adapts with the social and economic times. Fogal has managed to cross the past 100 years and become a timeless classic in every woman’s wardrobe. Our challenge and mission is to keep Fogal’s foundations while evolving into this new, modern era.

Pois Tights, Coming Soon

Q: How did the covid-19 pandemic affect your plans to restructure and relaunch the brand?

A: It became incredibly challenging to balance the work/home life under strict rules of quarantine but it also gave us important lessons in different ways to work outside of the office. The pandemic taught us to adapt even more quickly and enabled to take strategic decisions more efficiently. 

Q: What’s your favourite piece from the new AW2020 collection?

A: I am a big fan of the Diane style! I just love the pinstripe pattern that extends the legs so beautifully and gives a touch of masculinity and empowerment, to which I very much relate to! 

Diane Tights, £24

Q: Tell us about the creation process of Fogal products? 

A: Our collection launches are becoming leaner as new products are launched every month rather than once a season. Fogal is challenging the fashion calendar with the launch of multiple products drops throughout the seasons keeping up with changes in weather, social calendars as well as giving a fresh insight on fashion trends month after month.

Q: What is your vision for the brand in the next 10 years?

A: After 100 years of strong expertise and reputation for quality, comfort and refinement, Fogal has already established itself as a leader in the hosiery marketplace. Our aim for the future of the brand is to continue to develop gorgeous collections not only in hosiery but to establish Fogal as a fashion brand for the entire silhouette.

Rapallo Tights, Coming Soon

Q: Who is the Fogal woman?

A: The latest collection is inspired from the men’s wardrobe and relates to an empowered, masculine woman. We want any woman around the world to feel confident enough to be wearing Fogal tights day to day or for special occasions. Each pair of tights is now comfortable and affordable while retaining its premium status in the marketplace so every time you wear it you feel confident and empowered.

Naomi Tights, £24

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